The 4th most populous island in the world and the most diverse country in terms of flora and fauna. Filled with a variety of natural insights, wonderful places to visit in Indonesia, and with its rich culture, Indonesia is a hub of all kinds of the natural forests and the mesmerizing beaches.

If you are planning a getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city life and thinking of watching the beaches, Indonesia is the best place to visit. In a country with more than 7 hundred languages and 17500 magnificent islands, some explored and some unexplored, it is necessary to travel Indonesia to explore all the spots.

So here are ten must visit places in this island country and things to do in Indonesia. 

Places To Visit In Indonesia

1. Dieng Plateau In Indonesia

Dieng Plateau In Indonesia

Situated in at the heart of Java, this plateau was formed by the eruption of Mt. Prau. the plateau has a height of 2000 meter above sea level. The other attractions of this place are the hot spring, a multicolor lake, and the many ancient Hindu temples. This a place which attracts thousands of tourist every day.

 2. Lake Maninjau In Indonesia

Lake Maninjau In Indonesia

Amidst the numerous unflawed natural wonders, lies the arresting Lake Maninjau. The charm of this place lies in its tranquillity and noiselessness. This place can be one of your favorites, as you can find inner peace and the serene environment will make you calm and joyful. This place is a perfect spot to relax and chill.

3. Thousands Of Islands In Indonesia

I have never seen such clear beaches and crystalline water as in this island. One-and-a-half-hour speedboat ride from Ancol bought us to this breath-taking sight of the magnificent Pulau Macan, locally called the Tiger island. The white sand beach glittered in the shining sun and at night we could feel the cool breeze which made the temperature to dip. The only resort found here is the Tiger Islands Village and Eco resort. We enjoyed a lovely and comfortable stay at the resort with the mouth-watering dishes of the best food of Indonesia. The island also had many spots for snorkeling in a very safe and preserved way. This the best holiday destination in Indonesia.

 4. Bandung In Indonesia

A tour is incomplete without shopping. So we visited this place named Bandung in west Java which is also known as The Paris of Java. It is delight place where you will see volcanoes and the tea plantations. The most famous Kawah Putih- the turquoise sulfur lake is located in this region only. Not just this but Bandung is visited by many tourists from all over the world to taste the Indonesian cuisine. The main market at this place has many big name brand outlets. This is a commercial hub for cheap fabrics as well.

Indonesia tourist places will never end. These were just the best of them. Some of the other best places to visit In Indonesia:

  • Tana Toraja
  • Baliem Valley
  • Raja Ampat
  • Komodo National Park
  • Lombok

These places were just so amazing that it can never be forgotten. Every time you visit the country you get to explore new places and eat more of the delicious cuisines. The local transport cost was overall very cheap and very comfortable to travel.

The best time to travel Indonesia is from May to September when it is neither too cold or too hot so that you can enjoy the sunny beach in the cool water.

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