Bhutan is an unbelievably beautiful place on Earth and my visit to this awesome destination was made more charming memorable by the lovely Bhutanese people. If there is one thing about the local Bhutan people you will notice it is their sweet nature, friendly attitude and always-smile face.

I realized during my stay that people are very happy and contented with their way of life. And not just they are keeping any false facade; it is their nature and comes naturally to them. They are not affected by the materialistic world the way a city people will do. Their lives are fulfilling and are closer to Mother Nature.

So what keeps them happy all the time?

Happiness Not Just In Material, But Spiritually Too

Why Bhutanese Are Sweetness Loaded 6

Why Bhutanese Are Sweetness Loaded 4

As we see mostly in the modern world, people are always after work, rushing to reach success; the Bhutanese are not running the same race. It does not mean they are lacking behind or are still backdated, but they are not overly ambitious. People in Bhutan are happy with what they have and who they are. They do not put unnecessary stress upon themselves. For instance, I have seen several teenagers out there who do not even care if they do not have an iPhone or any hi-tech gadget. They love the way they are living their life. And that’s what makes them truly contented and different from others.

Where lives are impossible for many without TV or internet, they are perfectly getting on with their lives. They are not social media obsessed or dying without Facebook profiles. They are more concerned in making their country beautiful and keep it pollution free.

They Are Nature Lovers

Why Bhutanese Are Sweetness Loaded 2

Do you know that 50% of the country is protected as National Parks? The nature and the wellbeing of the environment are the foremost priority of the Bhutanese. Everyone is doing something some way to contribute the country and preserving the nature. This caring created a deep connection between the people and nature which keeps them really happy.

Buddhism Reflects In Them

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Why Bhutanese Are Sweetness Loaded 7

As majority of the people in Bhutan are Buddhists, their nature reflects the tranquil attitude that Buddhism teaches. The calmness, peace and living a good life comes from the belief in Buddhism. So, you will not find people always trying to slit each other’s throat. Greed and corruption is way too far from them. Of course, there are some exceptions, but majority makes the identity.

They Are Close To One Another

Why Bhutanese Are Sweetness Loaded 5

Why Bhutanese Are Sweetness Loaded 8

Another beautiful thing you will find in Bhutan is the closeness between rich and poor. No one discriminates there. The class differences do not matter. No matter who you are, a royalty or a commoner, friendly relationship prevails. So, if you want to see equality in true sense, go to Bhutan.

Why Bhutanese Are Sweetness Loaded 3

Why Bhutanese Are Sweetness Loaded 9

Live, smile, love and spread happiness- these are the main mantras for Bhutanese. For an untouched nature’s beauty and meeting wonderful people, Bhutan is the ideal choice. Even if you stay in the concrete walls of the city, Bhutan will find its way to call you.

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