We have a feeling with these two words- Artificial Intelligence. The feeling is more like a scared one mixed with confusion because most of us fail to grasp the actual meaning and activity of an artificial intelligence. In this modern era artificial intelligence is a very advanced form of gift of science that are becoming integral part of social media platforms. Why? Well, let’s see that.


First, think about our smartphones and computers; we can request or command them which is absolutely possible just because of artificial intelligence. Yet we are not afraid of them, are we? It is all in our imaginations due to several Hollywood blockbusters. In other words we are scared out of imaginations and speculations. In reality the advancement of artificial intelligence is the future of super technology meant to deliver accurate and fast results.


Speaking of social media platforms Facebook has been using AI for automatic tagging, news feed, and much more. And many other platforms are also implementing AI nowadays. In order to fetch better results IBM and Google are also making their products and services using AI. So let’s learn about the various importances of AIs that are creating effective solutions in social media channels.


Increase Engagement In Less Time


Increase Engagement In Less Time

If you are a marketer you would definitely understand how stressful it is to look after every aspect of social media activities especially if you have to work for a renowned company or brand with good online exposure and strong social profile. Constant monitoring involves a lot of time which can be otherwise used to form more strategies and innovative ideas for curating interesting pieces of contents for audiences. This task is so hard that it also tends to block our minds and draws away all the creativity for doing something new.

But with the use of AI integration, you can actually stay focused on your creative works rather than wasting time and effort in monitoring. AI is capable in doing multiple tasks accurately and also looks after customer support by providing valuable data and improves performance. In terms of social media AIs can tell you how your posts are performing, things that you need to prioritize for more audience engagement and conversion. So, like it or not AI is really helpful in looking after tasks that you take too long to do.


Rewarding And Influencing Followers


Rewarding And Influencing Followers

There are many ways that you can reward your followers. But to find your pick and then rewarding them is only possible with advanced technology that social media platforms use such as the facial recognition technology of Facebook. This is how a brand can reach to their massive followers and also reward them as a prime role of marketing strategy. In order to reach to a larger number of followers certain digital marketing techniques are quite helpful that social media marketing services provide and that includes the use of AI in relevant platforms.


Create Brand Awareness And Monitor The Market


Create Brand Awareness And Monitor The Market

With the rise of social media importance various SEO strategies has also come into scene that cannot be neglected. Social media marketing agency is the only solution that can fetch exact results that we require in acquiring proper exposure. Once exposure found it is necessary to understand how your brand is performing in the market. The use of Chatbots is very helpful these days as they are capable in handling customer conversations. They are one of the successful tools in digital marketing tactics. On the other hand the use of AI is also very promising as it can let the machines to understand proper sentence construction, process words and frame meaningful sentences.

Thus it is of great help in social media in recognising the pattern of conversations in any platforms. When you do a survey campaign you can easily sift through huge answers to get the idea what your brand value is or what your customers and audiences are thinking. That much hard work can become an obstacle in the productivity of a company. AIs are useful in these types of complex tasks.

It can be concluded that AI plays a vital role in the growing demand of social media. From marketing campaigns to analysis of data AI is becoming the new face of social media marketing tactics.

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