Right in the heart of nature, a wedding between two wildlife lovers, among the mystery of forest life- sounds thrilling, right? Gone are the days of a traditional wedding ceremony. These days destination wedding has become quite a fabulous way to tie the knot. For a stunningly unique wedding venue, authentic food and nature-inspired decoration, plan your big day and pre-wedding ceremony at Ranthambore Forest Resort.

Let Call Of The Wild Unwind Lovers

Wedding Ceremony 1

The rich vegetation of the Ranthambore Forest region has the ideal nature-driven zone for the wedding. Especially if both the bride and groom are nature lovers, fascinated by wildlife and adventure excites them, then probably Ranthambore is the picture perfect location for the wedding. Both the outdoor and indoor venues are suitable to arrange the reception party and the full ceremony. Guests can pamper their taste buds with varieties of continental, traditional and Rajasthani cuisine. Moreover, the entire wedding lawn can hold 1000 guests.

Vibrant Celebration In The Seclusion Of Forest

Wedding Ceremony 3

Wedding means colors, jewels, designer dresses, cultural programs, fancy decor and what not. But you have always done all these in the city hub, right? How about a bit out-of-the-box celebration? Same vibrancy, but in the quietude that nature offers. Even the two lovers can find their inner peace and feel relaxed before the ceremony begins. Nature always calms us and has an anti-stress effect- something very much needed on a wedding day for everyone. And if you think about the glamour that big fat Indian wedding calls for, know this that Ranthambore Forest Resort is exceptionally prepared to host a wedding ceremony in the grandest way possible.

Green Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony 2

You might be wondering what’s a ‘green wedding’ right? To understand this one has to feel the necessity to preserve the nature and earth. We can maintain a dazzling wedding without polluting the environment and be creating a nature-inspired theme. After all, the unconventional method is mostly loved by the new generation and modern lifestyle. Amidst wilderness, a wedding between two beautiful lovers with the eco-friendly decor, organic foods, freshness of the pure air, away from hustle-bustle- all feels truly amazing!

Traditional Rajasthani Fairytale Experience

If you want an all ethnic wedding experience in the traditional Rajasthani style, Ranthambore Forest Resort is the best destination ever. They can plan the whole wedding ceremony from scratch including pre-bridal rituals in their venue with the exact Rajasthani setting. From folk dance to authentic cuisine, the wedding package comes with lucrative options.

Planning for a dramatic wedding? Be at Ranthambore Forest Resort. For more, drop your queries at Crazy Wanderer.

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