They say there’s always some room for nature in your life. This is absolutely true and applies to all of us, even if you are a corporate professional. You just have to feel the whispers of nature and run for it.

So how can you get an off-track vacation? For instance, you are a corporate member and your team has just achieved a great target that needs celebration followed by a conference. The first thought that comes to mind is of a high-end hotel in a metro city. But don’t you think we all have had enough of the urbanized polish world?

A little adventure and a little nature love are not harmful; rather excitingly powerful to energize the corporate lifestyle. If so is your thought, come at Ranthambore Forest Resort – a far-out place at Ranthambore in Rajasthan.

Here’s why Ranthambore Forest Resort is a fantastic choice for corporate gathering or celebration.

Event Amidst Lush Greenery

When Business Route Bends Towards Nature 1

Give a little touch of green to your otherwise material life. Nature has taken goodbye from us in this fast-paced world. So if you get a chance to submerge in greenery again, what would you do? Ranthambore Forest Resort has a spacious conference space amidst the mesmerizing charm of nature around. Be it a corporate meeting or a party, any event can be properly managed and executed. Especially, the surrounding views will give your corporate life a chance to unwind and feel relaxed- something missing among the city cacophony.

Culinary Art To Swoon You

When Business Route Bends Towards Nature 3

What’s a conference without refreshments and grand buffet? This resort serves exotic food made by expert chefs. One can choose from authentic dishes to continental ones. Dining out at the companionship of forest under the sky will be an unforgettable experience very opposite to the same old dining experience that you had earlier.

Amenities Complimenting Your Business Life

If you are worrying how a jungle resort can be perfect for the corporate sector, know this that Ranthambore Forest Resort is an all-equipped resort. It has a separate conference hall that has the seating capacity of 150 and has wi-fi, sound system, LCD projector, large screen TV, and other essential things to compliment your business hours.

Modish Decor Blends Rustic Charm

When Business Route Bends Towards Nature 2

When Business Route Bends Towards Nature 4

This resort boasts outstanding decor, plush furnishing, eco-friendly environment, and lavishness in close proximity to nature- all the things that will soothe a fast-paced life of the modern society. Have you ever wondered living in a rustic room where the birds greet you morning and fresh air energizes you? Well, this resort is the exact destination for a beautiful beginning of a day.

Planning to get your corporate meeting at Ranthambore Forest Resort? Let us know; drop your queries to us.

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