To talk about Instagram trends for this new year we can take a lot of changes into account. From rich content to paid advertising, Instagram has many new features to get the marketing tactics even better.

Highly Dominating Topics For Content:

Highly Dominating Topics For Content

The most interesting topics are undoubtedly fitness, business, travel, lifestyle and fashion. And these will continue to rule 2018. If we talk about food then starting from healthy vegan foods to organic foods will be more in use. People are more focused on home-style food that encourages healthy lifestyle. Fitness is all about yoga, breathing exercises and more aerobics to maintain proper health. With food and fitness, comes lifestyle in view that is immensely popular. It will deal with modern lifestyle. For business, more and more use of tutorials will come. Fashion is going to be a huge hit with all new trends changing each day. The biggest part in case of travel will be travel photography that will create great travel experience and storytelling too. Thus Instagram will be more of personal connection.


Work With Specialised Categories:

Work With Specialised Categories

as days are passing by more number of changes are happening and this change is more evident in social media platforms. Various social media marketing agency are now taking into account these changes in order to better output of results. Instagram profiles will embrace various niche based accounts too in this year. More modifications and changes are on the way.


Layout And Picture:

Layout And Picture

As Instagram means picture expression towards the end of 2018 the image quality will also rise. This is evident because of the growing demands of smartphones with higher resolution and larger display. Along with this the video quality will also improve greatly. Since we know that Instagram stories are very popular now, it is possible that 2018 is going to be the year of stories with better and dramatic video quality. One of the near possible feature to be introduced may be Landscape, Portrait and multiple picture photos. The new layout has that indication so far. Hope it brings some creative ways of expression.


More Shopping:

More Shopping

Heard of shopping on Instagram? Maybe this is definitely going to be the best trend so far. Let’s put our hands together to see this feature work. The platform has already started a journey to make this revolution come true. Few brands are testing this feature. So, if this e-commerce integration comes into scene more audiences will get attracted.


Get Live With Instagram:

Get Live With Instagram

Instagram is more popular than stories. It connects and creates a stronger base between users and audiences. Live gives the feel of reality which makes a great connection. The feel of reality has a great effect on the audience. People now want to stay more connected in real time. So you can engage more audience by going live. The best part is you can add a friend.


No Place For Bots: many third party apps promises to bring you more followers and engagement which are going to run out. Instagram is trying to maintain a spam free platform where no offensive content will be entertained. This goal will continue even more in this year. Instagram is taking strong measures against too many accounts in a short span of time, repetitive comments and many other bot behaviour. People who used to rely on bots or planning to do so might want to take a safe distance from it as Instagram has been penalising such behaviours. This year it will become stricter and more bot user’s account will be removed.


Use Of Gallery Posts:

Use Of Gallery Posts

One of the interesting features of Instagram that is becoming popular is posting galleries. This way you can post several pictures of a relevant event or make different picture creatively. The positive part is that one can utilise this system to attract audience and get more followers. Make sure that you post all the photos under one theme so that people get to know them. Say, you have gone to a trip recently and you have amazing pics of that place. You can create a theme based on your trip and post many photos under that.

Instagram trend is how you make use of this social media platform for your personal use or business purpose. For more information get in touch with social media marketing expert  and find your Instagram resolution for 2018.


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