I don’t remember how many times I have gone to write on this topic. And I must thank my readers for asking.
I wish I could have done this before to guide other travel bloggers to get involved and how it works. But the fact is that it is always changing, and I will be the first to agree that I, along with trending travel bloggers am still learning to grow my business and evolve.
I’m referring business here because I’m finally at a point where it totally feels confident using it. But I know this word is sometimes called dirty. Some bloggers are running uber successful blogging, some are not. But this is just because some people take blogging serious enough to call it as their full-time work, while others choose to do it just as a hobby. Both are okay!

So, how to become a travel blogger?
The first step is very clear, start a blog. The second is being very specific about the topic, Travel.
The fact is that no one who wanted to start a travel blog or who has become a successful travel blogger has offered some kinds of extra care that include the likes of glittering reputation, more viewers, and an attractive client list. No, each, of these has worked for. They come with great effort and time… usually in the forms of small social life, restless nights and a compulsive passion for what it is you are doing.
In a nutshell, just to simplify, here is what I have for you;

Get the passion involved


Don’t let your financial goals get in the way. If you are willing to know how to become a successful blogger, your heart will play a bigger role than your mind. True writers might know what I’m talking about here. Your target on your writing should never be disturbed by the urges for you to either from what you are doing or become the most famous writer of all time. These goals are very egotistic and self – centered. If your main goal is to get into blogging and to become popular, then you might be on the wrong path. Real successful bloggers do follow only their hearts and not their minds. If you are thinking of how to be a successful blogger, then separate if from the thought that the most successful is the most popular. Write what you know and write what you want to. Get the heart to do the writing and you will finally get the people’s affection. The cash and fame will soon follow. Don’t let these things get to you initially.

Start and participate in conversations

We are not snobs. We do know how to interact. Don’t be restricted on the thought that your work is done after you have posted your initial post. If you really consider then you must know how to interact with people and get into their interactions. After your first post, you will soon see that post will follow and a thread will go on. Let your readers know that you communicate with them and they will soon feel that you value their opinions. Next thing you know, these people will share your posts with their friends on social media and will invite more people to check your site out! This is what you need – word of mouth endorsements.

Build trust and never let it go away

Reputation is what you need to build here. The reputation you are building will pretty much act as a success that you will be entitled to. This is a make or breaks field. If you break it once, you will have to face so much harder time getting yourself back again. If you see yourself very contented, you must consider yourself a very respectful person. Don’t write about anything that will yield your integrity. Write about things that might offer a great sense to the audience. Through gossips might be enormously beneficial, this might be the same reason for the downfall so it might be better to consider not going down this line.

Building effective networks with co – bloggers


No man is an island and no blogger can survive all by himself. As much as you would want people to link to you, you need to exert effort on building lasting relationships with other bloggers too. If you are seriously considering then you must make sure that your network is established well as these are the same people who might make you become successful. Don’t consider them as your competitor as they are not. All bloggers are just writers and real writers don’t compete for each other, but rather build relationships that can last a lifetime.

Read other blogs and make your own

This is the point of difference. You have to read other blogs and posts to get an idea what they do. This does matter a lot the point here is to make it a bit different. This can be anything the image, the content or the style of writing. Whatever it is, make it your own.
But I suggest you do it in your unique way, avoid that scared feeling of writing.

Being unique is an advantage


Uniqueness counts a lot. It is all about avoiding what all does and keeping it original and creative at the same time. It’s all about doing something different that people might easily attribute to you in a snap. It can anything, it must make your readers think that your blog post is definitely a great read right from the very first line.
Sure, you might think that being unique is very challenging especially with all the other blogs around, but just consider that if the other successful bloggers have managed to do it then you must pull it off, too.

Patience is very important

No matter how insightful or well – written your blog posts are, or maybe how unique your articles might be, there are no such things as an overnight success, especially with blogs. Remember to be unique and determined to blogging as much as you can and you will soon see yourself getting into the big leagues faster than you think.

Be passionate


Becoming a travel blogger is much more than just a career choice, it is a whole lifestyle change. It’s, therefore, essential that you are passionate about what you do. If not, it will be clear in your writing, why other people love reading your work?

Jump on social media

Travel blogging is not just about blogging. At the same time, it is essential to have a strong presence on social media. Not only you can immediately use it to promote the content, it can also help to show that you are special in the field. If a business is searching for someone to write a travel article for them, who do you think they will consider? Someone who has more viewers and followers or someone with a poor brand account? Think… Think… Wink.

Never degrade yourself

Blogging consumes so much of time and hard work and it is essential that you know how much you are worth. Don’t let people degrade your work and don’t be scared to tell no if you are not going to get what you feel is due.

Set goals


Do not get complacent. Set goals for yourself so you have something to target. A goal might be to get featured in a particular publication, to enhance web traffic or to hike on your social media following.

Write quality content

Although, all these tips are vital, ultimately it is essential to make top quality content. Stand out from the rest of the crowd by being very honest with the readers, offering your opinion and being creative.

Look for opportunities to make money

Woman in sunglasses and boots sitting near tent at campsite

You can also promote on your blog to make money. Advertise your affiliate programs through text links, banners or in the posting that you write. Post reviews about the program or about the product and place a link in them. You can also place AdSense ads on it. If your blog gets plenty of traffic you can also sell ad space to other marketers.

Don’t quit

Don't Quit

A successful blogger never quits. Anything worthwhile in life definitely, take hard work and sacrifices and this is no different. You will have to focus more on how to overcome the obstacles and challenges that you are ready to face each day and the quickest way to accomplish that is to stay focus on your Why. Have a concrete reason for doing this, stay targeted in it and that will get you through the difficult times.
I agree, to become a successful blogger takes time, but it also offers lots of chances to change your life. You will have to make a commitment to your business long term in order for it of offer the financial objective you seek.

Keep Exploring, Much Love, xx

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