When it is time to make the digital marketing campaign successful, we only think about text-based contents. Although text-based content is vital, to create a dramatic difference visual content is absolutely necessary. In this digital era one needs to know the right type of contents that can work really great in setting your marketing skills apart.

Here are the 6 main types of visual contents that are essential to implement if you are looking for an impressive marketing strategy.

Use Of Quality Images

How would you feel if you have to read a long book without a single image on it? You will get easily bored. Isn’t it? Now think about a long piece of blog without any images. Readers will most certainly lose interest and will not finish the reading. But if you can insert relevant and high quality images in between paragraphs of a textual content, it will grab a reader’s attention more. Since nowadays people are adapting to access internet through smartphones or other handy devices, it is only reasonable for them to go for shorter blogs with lucrative images that can portray the subject matter nicely without much text.

Eye-catching Videos

A video can do magic, presenting problems and then showing how your service or product can find the solution for it. It is showed that a relevant video on your landing page can get you conversions by 86%. Thus videos are extremely powerful when it comes to digital marketing trends. From how-to videos to demonstrations and other forms, videos can be used to enhance the style, look and ethics of your brand.

Infographic Usage

One of the best ways to visually impress your audience is through infographics. It has become an integral part of digital marketing now as it can be used to demonstrate complex data and statistics in simple, yet intelligible visual way. In order to get truly awesome infographics, it is important to keep in mind the design structure, layout and right colour combination to convey your message.

Interesting Memes

Memes are very humorous as well as interesting if you can use them in the right way. These are images that are accompanied by funny captions. You might think that these are mostly preferred by young generation, but in reality memes hold the potential feature to attract audience and viewers and are easy-to create contents. Creating memes are fun and is a great way to evoke emotions. It is an offbeat way to win the market competition. Make sure that the memes you create are appropriate with your niche and genres. The second thing one must consider is the positive and quirky way to write the captions to capture interests of the viewers.


Share beautiful presentations now with the help of Slideshare and expand your content style. A great Slideshare allows users to communicate with the audience. They are almost like infographics and come with attractive designs and layouts to attract viewers.


These are the credible sources to show your audience the products and services you are offering from a direct perspective. They also backup the functions your products have and boost sales too. If you wish to highlight any particular part of your service, a screenshot will accurately serve you that.

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