Starting from 2017 the tremendous popularity of Live Videos has won the maximum part of the digital marketing strategy. About 80% consumers are inclined towards watching a live video from a reputed brand other than reading a long blog. It is also popular than social media posts. It is said that live videos connect more number of people in any social media platforms and also attracts many. Thus for advertisers and marketers this is a golden opportunity to increase the brand exposure. With the onset of 2018 this live video interaction is going to be a massive hit and even more famous.

In order to better understand the pros of live videos and the marketing strategy brands can take the reliable suggestions and services in social media services. Moreover the increasing popularity of live videos is also paving the way for more number of potential marketing strategies from social media advertising to facebook marketing services. The live video streaming first came into scene back in 2016 by Mark Zuckerberg which ultimately became the significant face of businesses. Now, many companies are looking forward to build a strong bond online with the help of live video sessions as a part of affordable social media marketing strategy.


So What Is Live Video?

So What Is Live Video

To put it simply live videos are the videos captured straight away from the tablets or smartphones or even camcorders and sharing it on various social media platforms. Mostly we see live videos on Facebook Live, Instagram’s Live broadcasting. This is also offered by snapchat, yet it has way to go to get more famous. Twitter owner using Periscope is specifically focusing on brands and celebrities.

It is estimated that by 2020 video marketing will grow as the fastest social media content category. It is also predicted that brand advertisements will profit more from live videos as these videos tend to attract more audience and creates strong engagement. In other words digital marketing will see a new turn.


What’s Exciting About Live Videos

The various live video platforms such as Facebook and Instagram could be competing with the traditional forms of advertising strategy as they are more lucrative when it comes to brand visibility and customer engagement. With the added features and advanced form of technology as well as controls more users are becoming comfortable and familiar with digital marketing platforms for live videos. Brands in order to attract audiences and grab their attention are taking improved and innovative social media management services from social media experts.

This in turn is creating a strong arena for media agencies, stakeholders and brands helping them in better understanding of streaming live videos and its importance. Thus it can be said that 2018 will be a resourceful year for brand exposure through digital platform and that too with the wider usage of live videos such as live announcements, special speeches and not just mere press releases.


Who Should Benefit

Who Should Benefit

The beneficial ground is open for any brands, yet reluctance to adapt this change may lead to downfall in marketing approach. Live videos are going to become the latest keyword for brands for interaction to the masses and gain fame. This way customer can differentiate brands and better understand the transparency, authenticity as well as loyalty. Consumers are always in search for quality services or products. Thus proper usage of live videos can reduce the difficulty in gaining consumer trust. We all know that it is not easier to get sold or convinced easily. We all need proof and trust to go ahead. And in terms of consumerism backdated forms of media exposure is not helping anymore. In reality live videos are like the first door that a consumer will enter before making a decision.


Bottom Line

Although there are other platforms for live videos, needless to say Facebook is the most popular one and gives huge features suiting anyone. This happens because Facebook algorithm places huge pressure on live streaming. Starting from native videos to popular international videos, Facebook reaches to the widest section of the society and draws more audience. With Facebook rowing in the frontal part others are not lacking behind such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. It is estimated that by 2020 this scenario will change completely as all the digital platforms will engage people more with relevant and lucrative live videos. It is highly important to add only relevant and interesting live videos that may get more engagement. Thus demographics of customers need to be kept in mind.


Finally it can be said that right kind of contents are necessary to be covered by live videos. More number of analytical tools will come into scene with the continuous growth of digital marketing platforms. This will help to determine what kind of contents will be used on live videos.

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