Many things have been said about India in the last couple of years, from the adventurous tales in this exotic land of food, fragrances, and sounds, to the horrible stories of sexual harassment and violent rapes. I can say that Travelling India Is Safe as per my personal solo travel experiences across India.

Yes, sexual harassment is a reality in India, but this is an unfortunate reality all over the world.

Travelling India Is Safe. Rape Offenses Are Wrong!

India is not, in fact, the “rape capital” of the world. There are many countries with worse rape statistics. In fact, India was not on any of the lists that I searched on Google. The USA, New Zealand, Sweden are all in the top 10, and South Africa seems to be almost in a class by itself. Here are some lists and you are welcome to Google “worldwide rape statistics”. Check out the details here. The map below is the UN Police Reported Rape Analysis map and rapes per capita.

New channels and media reporters are making the negativity about India. Yes, there are cases of rape, but the Indian society is about positivity. We must be active with our viewpoint about Indian women.

India has become unsafe for travelers and that’s what everyone thinks. But, this is a myth. I have experienced traveling all major destinations around the world and found India a peaceful place. I sense independence when I travel alone, just you have been tough and enough clever to deal with situations.

Travelling India is safe, I am encouraging India as a safe country for travelers. I am an Indian, I can understand India deeply when I traveled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in my last one year of solo traveling in India. When I met hundreds of people and had a mix of good and challenging experiences. One thing I can tell you as a fact: “Love it or hate it” India is absolutely safe to travel & never boring!

Enjoying @Kanyakumari

If you are afraid, you may have scary experiences. But if you are open, confident, positive and trusting then you are likely to have warm, caring, protective & wonderful experiences. Just come out from your comfort zone, do explore India, learn different cultures and understand the people. Certainly, you will realize the beauty of Indian country. So many times I did night traveling, using local transport only, no advance bookings and conversation with strangers but I must say everywhere I found very helpful and friendly people, who made me feel comfortable on new places. Feeling proud to be a part of such a beautiful country, different cultures, lovely people, amazing traditions, uncountable God and variety of cuisines.

After 12 months traveling around India, I went back home with a completely different understanding of the people around me.  My life changed radically after that experience. All my ideas and perspectives were shaken tremendously. You will feel the glory of Indian armed force everywhere. 

In my personal opinion, Travelling India Is Safe for all and you will have a wonderful experience, independently if you loved it or hated it. India will never leave you indifferent to whatever you will encounter and will revolutionize the way you see the world and yourself.

Some Practical Safe Travel Tips.

  1. When traveling by overnight train, choose an upper berth to avoid prospective gropers and have more privacy.
  2. I think our attitude and level of confidence plays a big part in our experience of travel. Be 100% confident!
  1. Take a benefit of feminism.
  1. Travelers can also stay at the YWCA and YMCA hostels (I tried so many times) located in different parts of India.
  1. Wear Indian (modest) clothes as per place.
  1. Carry pepper spray and knife for precaution.

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Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.


  1. I agree…confidence matters…ppl are nt tht bad afterall…and good pt abt armed forces.. ;)

    • Crazy Wanderer Reply

      Thanks sahil, I felt that glow that’s why i mentioned. Of course people are good.

  2. Manish Singh Reply

    Wonderfully defended the fact that it’s unsafe to travel in India. It’s more of media to be blamed and I agree to it. It’s a beautiful country of diversity and compassionate about humanity. Thank you for writing a logical draft.

    • Crazy Wanderer Reply

      Thanks a lot Manishji, I am glad that you liked my writing. Stay connected for more such type of blogs..

  3. This is a great thought Pankti its a great deal to those who love travelling around but have the fear of getting robbed, molested or get lost, especially those from other countries. I’ve met many foreigners who have faced troubles like this.. Got cheated, teased also robbed. Couldn’t help all of them but surely your blog would do a lot for them as my part I’m gonna share this page with my friends and family… Keep wandering and keep blogging. Crazy wanderer.. You are an inspiration to most.. Good to know you.. Tc seeya

    • Crazy Wanderer Reply

      Thanks a ton Dhanunjay..I am glad that you liked my blog. Keep Travelling. Seeya..bye

  4. sona arora Reply

    hey, am new on ur page i really love ur blogs…am also love travelling solo but my parents doesn’t allow so…please give me some tips..ty….

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