You know being a solo traveler myself I have learned quite a few things from the society. One being, when this world finds someone eating alone in a fine restaurant or moving alone on a beautiful shopping mall, people immediately assume that the person might be sad or feeling lonely. Once in my solo journey, I met a mid-aged lady sitting in a cafe alone with a book in her hand and a cup of cappuccino on the table. Few people talked about her being a badass lady or a lonely soul. But I looked right through her and found my reflection within her. I can now say that she was the happiest person. I respect that lady for enjoying a quiet evening alone without any worries. She must have known the taste of free spirit and personal space.

Travelling Alone Is Not Scary 4

So here comes my question.

Should a person live to please the rest of the world?

Or should someone feel scared of travel alone?

Just to indulge in different cultures, learn new ways of life, food, customs and nature’s beauty, one can and must travel and not necessarily that you need someone else to accompany you. To travel solo is not about feeling left out or alone; it is about more fun, enjoyment, complimenting oneself and boost self-motivation to overcome obstacles all alone.

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Yes, if you are concerned about certain safety rules, you must take few precautions and understand certain dos and don’ts of a place to avoid unnecessary problems. I take the liberty to use my free time and gift myself with some amazing solo travel. I feel it’s refreshing, enriching and educational too. I know solo traveling could be problematic in few places and dangerous even, but until you try a place you may never know the truth. You cannot have a fulfilling life if you are not a ‘walk alone’ person. It does not mean you have to go to distant places. To break this so-called stereotype that traveling alone will cost you your life and prestige, one must get out of the normal routine. Try something impulsive once in your life and see the burst of happiness it brings.

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From my personal experience, I can say that when you travel solo all you have got with yourself is your confidence and the urge to explore. So be a little adventurous, look beyond cell phones, work and stress and just keep enjoying the silence of solitude.

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