Are you thinking what to pack as far as first aid goes when planning a trip? If you want to know what to put in your travel first aid kits, you will have to know what type of trip you are embarking upon. Whether you are willing to go on a camping trip or cruise around the world or a business trip in Asia. O may be a traveler like me !! You must think about bringing along a first aid kit, though the content might vary depending on how long and what type of trip you are taking.

The first thing to do is to find out what you need to bring and the types of medicines you use regularly. If you are on a specific type of prescription medication, you will have to bring your own adequate supply for a lengthy trip. Also, ask yourself which other medicines you use regularly.

What to include in your first aid kit

Generally speaking, there are various sets of items that you need to carry in your travel first aid kit:

  1. Medications you might need – your regular prescribed medication and special medications for your destinations like as something to guide with altitude sickness.
  2. First Aid items that you use regularly – like the band – aids for different  adventure activities and other painkillers for muscle soreness and fevers.
  3. Items available easily at your destination  –  Pack medicines and things you need in this section. Like anti – diarrheal, so you can easily sort out the problems even at 2 AM instead of running to a store.

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That means your travel first aid kit might change a little for each trip. You can take just the necessities for a weekend in a city and might need a more extensive first aid kit for remote places. After a little trial and error you can easily come up with a first aid packing list that suits my needs on almost all trips and I might just add a few items when needed for special situations.

Go for tablets over creams and gels – Prefer for pepto tab instead of liquid. Pain tablets instead of creams.

Go for flat – packed tablets or sachets instead of bottles and tubes – Bottles are real space drinkers.

Buy Travel size packaging – Ask your doctor for sample size medicines that can be carried with you on your vacation. They will more than likely to be enough, but save you space in your bag.

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Discard the box or flat – pack to save space. If your medicine doesn’t have any details on the specific items, make sure to keep the leaflets or cut the details from the box and secure to medicine with a hair tie. Only remove items from the bigger ones if they are packaged individually and labeled. Don’t carry loose pills!

Take as much as you need, but be limited! For most trips, this is more than enough to get by until you are able to find the pharmacy to replenish.

Travel First Aid Kit-2

Always consider visiting a travel doctor before you begin your travel. Yes, I mean it! Make sure you have the knowledge and gear before you begin a trip. It is also essential to make sure the medications won’t interact with something else. For instance, some antibiotics might disturb with birth control pills. These are the things that you need to take care, ladies!

Take necessary action: Prepare your medical kit

Travel First Aid Kit-3

Consider your itinerary and think about the circumstances, you might need to put on your travel. Make an ultimate travel kit, make sure to think about the space and space in the process.

My ultimate kit includes:

Medicine organizers

I prefer to use pencil cases to carry my first aid and medicines. I usually have to just throw it in my daypack, so it can be light and compact. You can also add it to the outside loop, which can allow you to hang it to your backpack as needed.

I also love carrying zip bags to keep my medicines separate and get rid of those extra packaging. Make sure to label the bag outside so you don’t forget its contents.

Kit essentials

I mostly carry things that I have already and I just check for the expiration dates to make sure they are still active. I ask suggestions from my doctor on what to carry and what not and I have them over the counter.

I usually bring a small amount of each of these meds. I mostly avoid taking medicines until they are absolutely important so a few tablets each can get me through my longer trips. Consider adjusting the items in your travel first aid kit list based on your wants and remember to check with your doctor before taking any sort of medication.

Travel First Aid Kit-5

Bathroom emergencies

As a solo female traveler, I always suggest you carry a small packet of tissues and tampons.

Hair Emergencies

This might be life-threatening, but they can be super annoying. I usually carry a few bobby pins and hair ties in my pocket, so my first aid kit is no exception. A powerful sunscreen is what you need and it’s essential to have them handy to reapply during the day.

Additional lifesavers

Depending on your activities and destination, I sometimes add or minus the items to my travel first aid kit: water bottles and mosquito repellant. They can come handy on multi-day treks. I usually bring a few strips of the tape and roll It tightly with a secure.

Most of the items I have listed will be suitable for a normal traveler. If you are taking part in a risky activity or hiking then consider carrying a pain relief spray or gels.

Hope you like this post on what on have on your travel first aid kit list. Make sure to share this post with your fellow travelers and friends. Thanks for reading!


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