Founded in 2014, Telangana is a rich cultural state and has become the proud 29th state of Indian Union. I visited Telangana, the state of spirituality, rich heritage and culture. I found there were many tourist places in Telangana which have a vast history and very scenic to the eyes.

Here are my few suggestions about the major tourist places in Telangana which you can enjoy visiting during your vacation.

Below Are Tourist Places In Telangana

1. Hyderabad In TelanganaHyderabad

Hyderabad is the state capital, and it is a wonderful city which acts as a top notch in Trade center, World class hospitals, Big education institutions and also for the film industry. There are many famous historical places in Telangana which are mostly found in Hyderabad.

Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Charminar
  • Qutub Shahi Tombs
  • Mecca Masjid
  • Salar Jung Museum
  • Laad bazaar
  • Golconda fort
  • Birla Mandir
  • Birla Planetarium
  • Nehru Zoological park and much more.

2. Warangal In Telangana


Warangal is around 145 km from Hyderabad and it has many numbers of places to visit in Telangana. This place is also called as Orugallu Or Ekasila Nagaram by the locals of this place.

Some of the popular tourist destinations which we liked in Warangal were:

  • Thousand Pillar Temple
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Warangal Fort
  • Khush Mahal
  • Ramappa Temple
  • Ramappa Lake
  • Pakhal Lake
  • Kolanupaka
  • Ethrunagaram
  • Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple and Sam make Saralamma Temple.

3. Karimnagar In Telangana


Karimnagar is a beautiful and divine city of Telangana which is located in the back of River Manair. This place is 165 km away from the state capital Hyderabad.

Some of the major tourist attractions in Karimnagar:

  • Nagunur Fort,
  • Dhulikatta,
  • Elgandal Fort,
  • Molanguru Fort.

Other than that, some of nearby tourist Telangana destinations are Vemulawada temple town, Kondagattu which are around 35 km from Karim Nagar. It holds the famous temples like Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swami temple and the latter has the famous Lord Anjaneya Swamy temple.

4. Khammam In Telangana


Khammam has a great historical importance in Telangana. The name Khammam is derived from the hill name Stambhadri and later got many names like Kambhadri, Kambham and finally Khammam. Some of the must visit Telangana tourist places in Khammam are Bhadrachalam, Jamalapuram, Kinnerasani Dam, Kusumanchi, and Nelakondapalli.

5. Medak In Telangana


Medak is a small town located around 104 kms north to Hyderabad. This place was initially called as Gulshanabad and now called as Medak.

It has historical places for tourists like:

  • Pocharam Wildlife sanctuary
  • Medak Fort
  • Shri Saraswathi Kshetramu near Ananthasagar
  • Edupayala Durga Bhavani Gudi
  • Kasi Visweswara Temple
  • Joginatha Temple
  • Kotilingeshwara Swamy Temple.

6. Nalgonda In Telangana

Nalgonda is a famous district of Telangana which was earlier called as Neelagiri. There are many tourist attractions in Nalgonda like Yadagiri Gutta, Nagarjuna Sagar dam, 1000-year-old temple Pillalamarri, and Sri Jain Mandir. Pillalamarri is a must visit place in Nalgonda.

7. Nizamabad In Telangana


Nizamabad is a city aka municipal corporation located in, Nizamabad district of Telangana. There are many famous tourist spots in Nizamabad, like Mallaram forest, Nizam Sagar a large reservoir, Hanuman temple in Sarangpur, and Lord Shiva temple in Kanteshwar.

Overall, I really felt Telangana is a wonderful state where one can find the best of tourist spots and great hospitality.

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