The state in India that divides the valley of Assam and the plains of Bangladesh is Meghalaya- the place where clouds live! Meghalaya is a place which holds many things in its lap, that are well renowned and quite eye-catching too.below are the tourist places in Meghalaya.

So here is a list of things that I did, when I went to the most unforgettable trip to Meghalaya:

Tourist Places In Meghalaya

1. Staying In Shillong, MeghalayaStaying in Shillong

Staying for my entire trip in Meghalaya was the best decision I took. The city is so well developed, and it has the best shopping area for any tourist. It is the hub for the Meghalaya Tourism Places.

2. Climbing Jaintia Hills In Meghalaya

ClimbingJaintia Hills itself is a great experience, and the view from the top of it is just amazing. The hills divide the entire eastern part of the country with Bangladesh. The views are breathtaking, and at the same time, it is an emotional throwback.

3. Visiting The Cleanest Village In The World

Meghalaya is the proud state that owns the cleanest village in Asia, known as Mawlynnong. The entire village works efficiently to maintain its natural attraction. I was surprised to see that the village got stuck with the fame, and the village has become a regional fairy tale and a source of pleasure. Walk in, and the classic rubbish is strangely and amazingly absent.

4. Cherrapunjee In Meghalaya


The place is commonly known as ‘Sohra’ and is located high above the foaming rivers, ensconced in whirling clouds and balanced on an escarpment. This place comes under the best Tourist Places In Meghalaya

5. Don Bosco Museum In Meghalaya

This carefully maintained museum is a tremendous storehouse of countless tribal artifacts mixed together with galleries representing Christian Missionary work. The entire look at the Museum may take the half-hour and can last up to an hour. Tourist attractions in this seven-storied museum include tribal artifacts, musical instruments, objects of daily life, weapons, costumes, and jewelry, along with plenty of pictorial records.

6. Root Bridges In Meghalaya

Root Bridges

One of the spectacular Meghalaya’s tourist places is the ‘Root bridges’. Roots Bridge is formed by the entangling of the tree roots for over years. It is the first one in the list of things to do in Meghalaya. Beneath the bridge is a calm river and the water is just pristine.

7. Mawsmai Caves In Meghalaya

Mawsmai Caves

It is the longest cave system in India. You don’t need any other source of light as the light from the forest seeps inside the cave. The cave is a home for many birds, insects, and even bats. A 150m long cave is all open in the day time for its visitors.

8. Anglican Church In Meghalaya

The Anglican Church, perched above Police Bazaar, is a graceful structure fronted by beautiful lawns. It is one of the most important tourist places in Meghalaya.

I was completely awestruck by the beauty of what art that nature was portrayed in front of my eyes when I visited this state. Do you have similar experiences? Let us know how you felt about this place.

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