Marriage is extremely pious and inevitable in most of the cases. Most of the girls have a certain dream regarding her marriage, her life after that and how her darling hubby will be with her. Girls also do fantasize about how things will go between the couple and how her husband will treat her like his queen. Here are some listed things which most of the girls wish that her future husband will do for her.

1. Texts are never out of fashion

Texts are never out of fashionRandom cute texts like “hey beautiful”, “how’s my love” or “baby i already miss you” will take no time but will bring a bright smile on your wife’s face.

2. Surprise! Surprise!

Surprise! Surprise!Women are just fond of surprises! Be it a little girl to old granny, surprises just take away their hearts. Surprise your better half with things like dinner date, long romantic drive or even a small priceless gift. Trust me, she’ll make you her world.

3. Some yummy breakfast

Some yummy breakfastTry making some simple yet delicious breakfast mixed with your love and wake her up with breakfast in bed. Her morning will be as bright as the sun and her smile will make your day.

4. She’s in a good mood, you stay happy

She’s in a good mood, you stay happyHumans tend to make mistakes and you too will spoil her mood some day. Do the damage control before things go out of your hand. Shopping is the best escape! Shopping will just ease her mood and tadaan…you have done a great damage control.

5. Be her best friend

Be her best friendWomen love gossiping. Be her gossip buddy. Listen, her out to whatever she has to say, give her your opinion and talk your heart open. She will have a million things to say, but you should never get bored of her gossiping, instead try to have fun gossiping with her.

6. Pet please!

Pet please!Diamonds are definitely well appreciated, but a cute little tiny cat or dog will also do the equal work.

7. Short weekend trips

Short weekend tripsRomance should never wear off. Take your love on a weekend trip away from the daily chores and enjoy the company of each other. Discover new things and rejuvenate love of your pious married life.

8. Dancing is the key in romance

Dancing is the key in romanceTake some salsa classes together. Dancing is one of the best ways of romancing. Light music, scented candles, and a perfect ambiance will bring out the best of your love. A slow dance where you both cannot take hands off each other just does the magic!

9. Chocolates!!!!!

Chocolates!!!!!We always will, to be spoiled by our future husband with tons of chocolate. Gift her as many chocolates as you can to keep her sweet as chocolate. Chocolate cake can do wonders as well! Short and sweet, chocolate is the best way to a woman’s heart. ;)


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