The capital of the southern Province of Sri Lanka is Galle. The main reason for Galle to be a famed tourists spot is that it has a World heritage Site. Galle was initially a Dutch Port which was 300 years old. Galle also has other historical buildings to visit and learn. There are ample places to visit in Galle. Here is a glimpse of all the important must visit beautiful places in Galle. Blow are the things to do in Galle.

Things To Do In Galle

1. The Flag Rock In Galle

The Flag RockThe southernmost end of the fort is mentioned as the flag rock which was initially the bastion of the Portuguese. Tourists catch the sunset at this point and are familiar with it. There are people who leap into the water during the day time.

2. Scuba Diving In Galle

Scuba DivingWith the various things to do in Galle, Scuba diving is a vital one as Galle is renowned for water sports. The divers wear an oxygen apparatus during their underwater experience and take a look at the undersea species which live. The Unawatuna scuba diving is the best place for this sport which is a just 10-minute drive from Galle.

3. Galle Fort In Galle

Galle FortWhen beautiful places in Galle are discussed, the Galle fort or Dutch fort is one in the list. This place is famed for being the archeological and historical site in the world. It was in the late sixteenth century that this fort was constructed by the Portuguese. This place is an amalgamation of history, architecture in the tropical architecture.

4. Go For SPA In Galle

Go For SPAIn Galle things to do list the next thing to be done is to go for massage and spa as a holiday relaxation. The Galle’s spas offer complete nourishment to the body. Spa in Galle makes use of natural, refreshing therapies, and they are known for their services and massages.

5. Lagoon Canoeing Tour In Galle

Lagoon Canoeing TourIn the Galle places to visit list, canoeing tour is considered to be a beautiful experience in Galle. You can reach the middle of the natural beauty of flora and fauna with canoeing.

6. Marine Archaeological Museum In Galle

Marine Archaeological MuseumWith various places to see in Galle, the marine archeological museum is one important museum to be visited. The iconic old bell tower is where behind which the entrance is located. There are a number of exhibits which include a number of videos, other interactive displays which represent shipwrecks, and town’s maritime past.

7. Mountain Bike Tour In Galle

Mountain Bike TourThings to do in Galle, Sri Lanka also includes a mountain bike tour, which provides more fun for tourists as they ride the graveled roads and rocky path. There are guides who help the riders with detailed instruction about the game.

There are ample places to see in Galle and a number of interesting things to do in Galle too. When Galle accommodation is considered, there are plenty of special discounts and exemptions. They are located in a perfect location and also staffs in the hotels are very good at serving. There are various categories of hotels such as 3,4,5 star hotels, guest houses, and villas too. For tourists who think about what to do in Galle, here are mentioned numerous things which need to be done in Galle.

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