Surat is well known as the textile hub of India and is also a home to a large number of ashrams, historical places, and architectural delights. The city of Surat provides you a beautiful glimpse of the wide and myriad Gujarati tradition right from Gandhi Ji’s triumph in Dandi to the European remains. So here are 10 things which you should definitely do while you are in Surat.some of the interesting places to things to do in surat.

Things To Do In Surat

1. Chant Prayers At The  ISKCON Temple

Visit this spiritual shrine of the city of Surat and get lost into the holy world of Shri Shri Radha Damodar. For all the Krishna devotees this place is like a Heaven.


2. Unreveal The Mystery Of The Dumas Beach

The beach of Dumas is a traditional picnic spot in Surat, but in recent times it has been tagged as the most haunted places in Gujarat. The reason behind this is considered to be its usage as a burial ground where strange activities are conducted. But other than that it is one of the most amazing places to spend time.This is one of the most exciting things to do in surat.


3. Historical Visit To Surat Castle

The Old Fort of Surat is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city which was basically constructed to prevent the city from the invasion of the Portuguese. This magnificent historical site is an epitome of architectural brilliance which showcases the incredible construction which is strengthened by iron strips and medaled leads.  


4. Uncover The European Relics At The Dutch  Garden

This place is one of the best historical landmarks for those who want to have a very beautiful cultural experience of the Dutch community who stayed here. The Dutch Garden consist of some very amazing structures which clearly depict the European style of architecture.


5. Hop Into The Bazaars

Surat is a textile jackpot and its streets are always flooded with clothing and handicraft shops. If you want to have shopping treat then without wasting time just hop into the famous streets of Rander and Ghoddod road where you will find an exquisite range of handicrafts, jewelleries, and clothings.


6. Go For Bird-Watching At Gavier Lake

If you are a wildlife enthusiast then you must definitely hop into the wetlands of the Gavier lake. It consists of a very rich diversity of migrating birds and is considered to be a birdwatcher’s paradise.  


7. Have A Weekend Blast At The Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium

Right from brackish to various marine organisms, at the Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium, you will find a great diversity of marine species. The aquarium has just not been only a delight for children but elders also love visiting it. During weekends this place is a  blast during the weekends and is flooded with a large number of visitors.


8. Munch On To The Irresistible Local Snacks

If you get tired after roaming around in the city then you can treat your taste buds with the mouth-watering foods available on the streets of Surat. Here of you will find some of the best Gujarati street foods such as Sev Bhel and Surti Locho.


9. Discover Amazing Art At The Rang Upvan Open Air Amphitheater

This place is known as Surat’s most acknowledged jewel, as it showcases Gujarati culture and traditions very well through various cultural programs, skits, dance recitals and much more.  A very perfect place to get yourself entertained while you are in the city.  


10. Walk Down To The Memory Lane At Dandi

The legend of Dandi is not unknown to anyone, so if you want to relive the legendary Dandi march then you must definitely visit the historic village of Dandi. It is said that the trip of Surat is incomplete without visiting this historical village.


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