Vacation is a time when you would not like to waste a single moment without enjoying and having fun. If you are fun-loving soul, then Singapore is the best place for your to visit for a vacation. You will have endless fun activities in Singapore that you will never get the time to feel bored. Whether it is a day or night, it is equally fun filled in Singapore. You will have night safari, shows, concerts, night cycling and many more things to do in Singapore at night even, 10 Things To Do In Singapore At Night.

Here are most favorite 10 things to do in Singapore at night, listed for your information before hitting this paradise of tourism on earth.

10 Things To Do In Singapore At Night

1. Night Safari In Singapore 

Night Safari In Singapore

The night Safari is a must see in Singapore that will offer you the life’s best thrilling experience being close to dangerous and interesting animals. This safari gives you the opportunity to watch over 1200 animals and 110 bizarre species to watch out.

2. Marina Bay Sands Show In Singapore 

Marina Bay Sands Show In Singapore

Beautiful water and light show make Marina Bay Sands erupt into a fiery life. The dancing fountains, water transforming into images, blazing lights with music and song accompaniment is worth watching in your Singapore trip.  

3. Walk The Southern Ridges In Singapore

Walk The Southern Ridges In SingaporeFine art and natural beauty in the lap of night darkness makes a perfect blend and must explore for romantic couples at night. The 9km walk through the Mount Faber Park, Kent Ridge Park and other by amazing connecting bridges is a great experience.

4. Esplanade Free Concerts In Singapore

Free concerts are the things that make Esplanade as popular as it is for big ticket events. You can easily catch a free concert here in your trip.

5. Night Cycling In Singapore 

Night Cycling In Singapore

Night cycling is another most fun activities in Singapore as it helps you to tone your leg muscles side by side enjoy the cool nature of places like Changi village, Ulu Sembawang Park Connector, Punggol Waterway to name a few.

6. Gardens By The Bay In Singapore 

Gardens By The Bay In Singapore

This tourist spot makes one of Singapore’s freebies for the night that exhibits widespread greenery on a square patch of land. The magnificent constructs of Super Trees here claim to be a great attraction for tourists at night.

7. The Tippling Club In Singapore 

The Tippling Club In Singapore

Cocktails mixed by award-winning mixologist Mathew Bax is the only greatest pull that tourists in Singapore love to experience at night in this famous Tippling Club.

8. The Cannery In Singapore 

Located in the Clarke Quay, The Cannery is a hotspot for the tourists and makes its place in the list of Singapore places of interest just because of its dazzling clubs, pubs & eateries.  

9. Somerset Skate Park In Singapore 

If skating interests you, then Somerset Skate Park are the right place for you. You would get your best thing to do in Singapore here.

10. Movie Mob In Singapore 

One of the best fun activities in Singapore includes a movie mob. A movie date that too under open air, gives you the great feeling of the outdoor movie experience.

Other thrilling Singapore activities in night include

  • G Max’s reverse bungee ride
  • Escape room
  • Cosmic Bowling
  • Boutique Theatre
  • Comedy Club

Apart from the day, the nightlife is also awesome and you would definitely wait when the sun sets to enjoy another aspect of entertainment in Singapore.

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