Saputara is a hill station and one of the prime attractions in Gujarat as it consists of some very amazing things right from great natural beauties to various cultural destinations. So are you planning on going on a trip to Saputara this winter?so here 7 amazing things to do in Saputara.

Then here are 7 things which you can’t miss out doing while you are in Saputara.

Things To Do In Saputara

1. Watch The Amazing Sunrise And Sunset From The Valley View Point

Valley View Point is considered to be the best spots in Saputara from where you can cherish the beauty of Sunrise as well as Sunset.


2. Boating At The Saputara Lake

It is considered to be one of the places to visit in Saputara as you can have the pleasure of boating in the beautiful and serene lake or you can just wander around and have some quality time with your family in the lush green gardens present on both the sides of the lake.



3. Take A Historical Tour To The Saputara Museum

Experience the lifestyle, culture and the history of the people of dang by taking a tour of the historical Saputara Museum.


4. Visit The Artist’s Village

If you are a lover of art and creativity then you definitely must visit this village of artists where you will find people creating amazing things with bamboo, clothes and various other things.


5. Go Wild At Vansda And Purna National Park

Experience the raw and wild nature at both of these amazing wildlife sanctuaries. Who knows you might get lucky and get to see some really rare wild animals.


6. Sip A Cup Of Tea Or Coffee At The Gira Fall

Sip in a cup of tea or coffee from the nearby stall and enjoy the view of the 150 ft tall roaring waterfall.



7. Have A Relaxing Time At The Hatgadh Fort

This fort was built up by the great Maratha ruler Shivaji and it is one of the perfect spots to relax and have a soothing time with your family and friends.


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