Pune which is the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra has now become a modern-day hub for educational, technological and industrial growth. The myriad cultures, rich historical past and a large number of must-do things have made Pune on the top of the list of must visit places in India. The charm and appeal of this might make it a bit tough for you to decide on what to do and what not to do in the city! Well, here are 7 things to do in Pune.

Things To Do In Pune

1. Take A Tour Into The Pune Cuisine

If you are foodie then you can visit the local market here to have the pleasure of eating the best and tasty Indian cuisine. You will just drool out by its smell.


2. Dig Into The History

The history of Pune stretches back way long to over 2000 years, so you can take a tour to explore the cultural and historical side of Pune which are majorly influenced throughout the city. A ball for those who are interested in photography.


3. Take A Walk Through The Pune Kasba

Kasba basically means market town and city of Pune is literally filled with some amazing Kasbas. All these Kasbas tell the glorifying tales of the Maratha Empire.


4. Go Trekking To Bhairavgad Moroshi

Bhairavgad is considered to be one of the best places to go for trekking as it is one of the most thrilling and amazing adventure treks in Maharashtra.


5. Camp Out In The Hills

Well, we all know that Pune consists of some very amazingly awesome hill stations such as Lonavala and Panchgani. You can have a soothing and relaxing time with your family by going on a camping trip at one of these places and also things to do in Pune.


6. Take A Hot Air Balloon Safari

You can have an unforgettable day in Pune by taking the Hot Air Balloon Safari and enjoy the delightful sight of the city from the top.


7. Take An Offbeat Homestay Experience

Have an offbeat homestay experience at Sangameshwar far away from the hurries and worries of the city.


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