A breezy little hill station situated in the Northwestern peninsula of Malaysia, Perak is well known amongst tourist for its varied interests- be it mining, their chicken with bean sprouts, or their avid nature spots which lure travelers from all over the world. A once favorite spot for colonial Brits, Perak is now one of the best spots for weary travelers to simply unwind at and enjoy a refreshing getaway from their everyday mundane lives. One of the largest states in Peninsular Malaysia, Perak has more than a mere handful of things to do, places to visit and cuisines to try out. Even so, here is a list of the things to do in Perak:

Things To Do In Perak

1. Ipoh Heritage Walk

Ipoh, the capital of the beautiful state of Perak is an important heritage site. This walk extends through a distance of 4 miles and contains at least 30 historic buildings and sights of interest. Take a leisurely walk along Ipoh Heritage Walk and take in the rich culture and heritage of this magnificent city. Along the way, you will come across the Ipoh Tree, Town Hall, Birch Memorial, Spy House, Chartered Bank and Ipoh Club, just to name a few.

2. Teluk Intan Leaning Tower

Teluk Intan Leaning TowerPopularly abbreviated as TILT, the Teluk Intan Leaning Tower is known as Malaysia’s very own Leaning Tower of Pisa. This 25-meter high tower is immensely popular in this little city, even though it may not be as old or as tall as the original Leaning Tower, it is definitely the pride of its locals.

3. Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

Sunway Lost World Of TambunThe premier water adventure theme park in Malaysia, Sunway Lost World of Tambun is one of those must visit places when in Ipoh, Perak. This adventure theme park is not only filled with joy rides but also provides educational tours and information for knowledge hungry travelers.

4. Ipoh Limestone Wonders

Ipoh Limestone WondersThe best limestone caves in Malaysia, the Ipoh Limestone Wonders are not only a high point of a tourist attraction, but they are also a perfect place for adventure and sports enthusiasts, with rock climbing, caving and exploration activities.

5. Pasir Salak Historical Complex

Places To Visit In MalaccaLocated 50 km’s south of Ipoh, Pasir Salak Historical Complex houses a string of traditional Malay houses along the Perak river. The main attraction along this beautiful housing complex is The Historical Time Tunnel. It consists of the traditional Malay buildings arranged in chronological order of their existence, with depictions and information about them, their rich history and also having a museum. Other attractions such as the water tower and the gallery are also very popular tourist spots and a must things to do in Perak.

6. Try The Traditional Cuisine

Try The Traditional CuisineThere is an old phrase, ‘When in Rome, live like the Romans”. No trip to an exotic location is complete without trying some of their local cuisines and delicacies. Perak is extremely popular for its dim sums and pork dishes. There are more than a number of street stalls as well as proper restaurants to choose from in this vastly populated city of Perak.

There are always things to do and places to visit in this spectacular city, these are a few of the most recommended things you must do when in Perak!

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