The Malaysian state of the Northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia by the Strait of Malacca is Penang.  Penang is also known as the Silicon Valley of the East for the industries and its urban culture. The capital is Georgetown and famous for its economic development in Penang. The island is like a heaven for everyone and has adventurous things to do in Penang. Let’s discuss some of them:

Things To Do In Penang

1. Penang Hill And Temple Sightseeing

Penang Hill And Temple SightseeingI have surely enjoyed four hours guided tour and major attractions with a number of things to do in Penang. The funicular train will there for a great view of Georgetown from the Penang hill for the visitors. The Buddhist temple, Kek Lok Si, with the eye-catching architecture,  is also fascinating for all. Exploring anything is the best things to do in the journey. The sight of 7 Tier Pagoda of the 10,000 Buddha is best seen during 9 Am to 1 Pm and then 2 Pm to 6 Pm in just RM 150.

2. Explore Georgetown Through Bike Tour

Explore Georgetown Through Bike TourThe capital of Penang Island has beautiful and fascinating things to do in Penang. I have hired a bike to take the view of most interesting historical spots in the city. The place has unique architecture and important trade center. Georgetown is a world renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site and also a major trading hub also. The colorful architecture, mosques and Chinese shop houses are some of the famous places in Georgetown. Fort Cornwallis and State Museum, Chinatown, and Streets of Harmony are the visiting destinations for all the tourists.  The Bike tour is one the best things one can do while exploring the town. The timings are 7 Am to 7 Pm in just RM 200.  

3. Heritage On A Plate Food Tour

Heritage On A Plate Food TourWith several of things to do in Penang, if some are a foodie like me then one cannot miss Heritage on a Plate Food tour. In this, I have traveled 4 different tasting and have 6 different tastes of Malaysian cuisine. One needs to discover delicious food because it gives relaxation to the appetite of hunger. The viable scenes soothe the eyes and tasty food relaxes the stomach. The best things to do in Penang are meeting up in front of Ren. The timings are 7 Am to 7 Pm in just RM 350.

4. Heritage Trishaw Ride:

Heritage Trishaw RideI have enjoyed the whole Penang after sitting on the back seat on the traditional trishaw.  The three- wheeled taxi will make this tour adventurous and it will let anyone enjoy the sights of the atmosphere.

Some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Penang are Chinese clan house, Achech Street, Goddess of Mercy Temple as well as Little India. The charges are RM 200 and timings are 7 Am to 7 Pm. Experimenting different things to do in Penang will be fabulous.

One can go for Discovery Tour of Entopic Butterfly Farm in Penang and also enjoy Penang Hill Railway Ride and Dinner with Georgetown.

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