When it comes to visiting Mumbai, the places most people tend to visit is The Gateway Of India, SiddhiVinayak Temple, or the Film City. But the city of Mumbai has a lot of tales to tell and you can go for doing a plethora of things except for going to visit all these places. So if you are planning to go on a trip to Mumbai, then here are 7 things to do in Mumbai.

Things To Do In Mumbai

1. Spend A Memorable Evening At The Marine Drive-In Mumbai

This is one of the iconic places in Mumbai as it consists of the blistering sea and glowing streetlights adorning in the form of small jewels in a queen’s necklace. It is one of the best places to have a memorable day with your family.


2. Take A Ride In The Local Trains In Mumbai

If you want to have the experience of real Mumbai, then you must definitely take a ride in the Local trains.


3. Go For Shopping At The Chor Bazar In Mumbai

It is said that here you will find everything, just name it and it will be there in front of your eyes.


4. Enjoy The Midnight Dinner At Bade Miyan In Mumbai

Cherish your  taste buds with the amazing midnight meals at the Bade Miyan restaurant. This food stall is always crowded with foodies till the late night.


5. Place A Bet At The Mahalaxmi Race Course In Mumbai

For a change you can try out placing bets on various horses at the Mahalaxmi Race Course. Who knows you might get lucky and win some jackpot.   


6. Take A Trip To Bhuleshwar Market In Mumbai

For getting the feel of real Mumbai you must definitely visit the Bhuleshwar Market. Here you will get to closely know the real Maharashtrian culture.


7. Spare Some Time At the Uttan Beach In Mumbai

The Uttan Beach is one of the most quiet and least populated beaches in Mumbai. You can revitalise your body and mind by paying a visit here.


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