An exotic travel location, things to do in Malaysia is well known for its culture, cuisine and of course its famous Petronas twin towers. An amalgamation of two cities in one, Malaysia offers a bucket load of places to see, things to do and cuisines to eat, even for first time wary travellers. The one unique concept of this beautiful place is how they have brought together diverse cultures and ethnicities by the one language that everyone speaks; its food. Malaysia makes it a point to never let their travellers go hungry or bored, with bountiful landscapes to mind boggling skyscrapers, Malaysia has it all.

Things To Do In Malaysia

Flowery Beauty

Flowery BeautyBotany enthusiasts will find themselves at home when they visit things to do in Malaysia famous Gunung Gading National Park; which is home to the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia. Beware, though, as these flowers may look intriguing with their huge size of 3 feet, but they emit a nasty stench!

The Twin Towers

The Twin TowersProbably best known for its Petronas twin towers, you can opt for a guided tour or simply explore this wondrous monument on your own. While those with vertigo might feel slightly queasy on this iconic skyscraper holding 88 floors, it is definitely worth it when you are on top, feeling like the king of the world, if you can stomach it!

Beautiful Hindu Art In Batu Caves

Beautiful Hindu Art In Batu Caves

Those who have the interest in venturing out to the Batu Caves will find themselves immersed in some of the most beautiful Hindu sculptures and art. The most famous Hindu shrine outside India, Batu Caves find themselves high on top of the list of places that you must visit when in Malaysia.

Shop Till You Drop!

A paradise for all those travellers who love to ‘shop ‘til they drop’, Bukit Bintang is a marketplace in Kuala Lumpur well-known for its major shopping opportunities, dotted with clubs, eateries and the best nightlife in the city.

Island Adventures

For the crazy travellers who simply want to unwind and let their hair down, the Redang Island is the perfect destination for you and your family. The beautiful, clear sea, calming sound of the waves crashing against the shore along with the beautiful sun on your face is ideal for a little refreshment after your busy tourist hopping activities.

Food Brings Us All Together

Food brings us all togethersSince the diversity of food is so potent with the word Malaysia, travellers never have to fear about not finding something appetising to eat. Street food in Malaysia can be overwhelming; it is not something you must seek out in terms of quality, but more in terms of the experience. You will find as many local Malay food stalls as you will find stalls having food of other regions and cultures, such as Indian food, Chinese food, you name it. Malaysian’s have an innate nature of people pleasing and they intend to do this by bringing together people from all diversities and joining them by means of their comfort foods.

Malaysian culture also reflects its acceptance of diversity and different cultures as you will find bits and pieces of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Javanese and Sumatran cultures.

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