Are you planning to take a tour of Goa? With respect to that, you might have planned out a large number of things and made a to-do-list. But here are 10 things to do in goa which you should definitely do on your next trip to Goa.

Things To Do In Goa

1. See Dolphins

If you are bored from doing certain traditional things which are done in Goa, then for a change you can embark a boat and go for seeing some dolphins frolic and play in the sea.


2. Go For Shopping

You can also hop into the local streets which are lined with a huge number of shops. Here you will definitely find some really amazing things which are worth giving a shot.


3. Get A Tattoo

There’s no harm in getting a temporary, henna or permanent tattoo, you will find here one of the best tattoo artists around the country.

4. Munch In Some Food

Since the past few years, Goa has become an ideal hub for foodies as the food scene here has grown multifold.


5. Hop Into The Beach

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best things to do in Goa. You can just lie down on the sand and relax or you can go into the water and have a blast.


6. Go On A Cruise Ride

Embark one of the cruises and you will have the pleasure of experiencing some very amazing live music and dance with a bit of Goanese touch.


7. Visit The Churches

Goa consists of some of the best and very old churches in India. So you must definitely visit some of the churches here which cater a very amazing architecture.


8. Take A Bike Ride

If you want to explore Goa in a different way with a unique perspective then all you need to do is hire a bike and then roam around in the streets of Goa.


9. Have An Ayurvedic Massage

After a stressful day in Goa all you will require is peace of mind and for that, you need to head up to one of the ayurvedic massage centers in Goa.


10. Party Hard

Go wild, get rid of your inhibitions and simply have a good time. After all, you are in Goa to party and have a great time. 


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