Konark Temple is one of the famous and important tourist destinations in Orissa, India. The thing that made this place popular is the Sun temple. It is considered as one of the most impressive man-made monuments in the world. A wonderful structure of stone, the Sun temple is dedicated to God Sun (Surya Dev), Surya mandir.

Popularly known for its intricate sculpture and unique architectural design, the Konark Sun Temple is a UNESCO world heritage site. So, visit Konark and experience one of the finest men made sculpture art in the form of famous Sun Temple.

Konark Temple

How To Reach Konark Temple?

  • By Air: Konark does not have an airport. The nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar which is 65 km from away. From the airport, you can board a bus or you can hire a taxi straight to Konark temple.
  • By Rail: Konark is not connected by railway network. If you are traveling by train then the nearest railway station is at Puri which is just 36 km away from the town. Puri is directly connected to Delhi. Another nearest railway station is at Bhubaneswar which is 65 km’s away. From here you can hire a taxi to Konark Sun Temple.
  • By Bus: Public transport and private taxis operate from Bhubaneswar. From Bhubaneswar, you can hire a cab that will take you straight to the famous Sun temple in Konark.

Best Time To Visit Konark

The best time to visit Konark is in winters. From October to March is the ideal and perfect time to visit Konark temple as the temperature remains cool this time. The summers are very hot here with the temperature rising to 42℃.

Activities in Konark

Enjoy the water sports in the Konark beach. You can go for a long walk and enjoy the cool breeze which will refresh your mind. You can do scuba diving and can play volleyballs and cricket on the beaches.

If you are religious and an art lover then must visit the world famous Sun Temple in Konark popular for its architectural splendor.

Places To Visit in Konark

  • Sun Temple
  • Archaeological Site Museum
  • Ramachandi Temple
  • Kuruma
  • Astranga

Excursions Near Konark

  • Pilpi – 23 km
  • Chaurasi – 30 km
  • Puri – 30 km
  • Bhubaneswar – 65 km
  • Chilika Lake – 105 km

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