Every question related to solo travel will never get a full encompassing and concrete reply; there are just too many versions. These ever changing factors are also what makes traveling so fun. You never know what to expect. Also, It is essential to get ready for aspects we can’t control, especially as a Solo Female Traveler.
so here are reasons why solo female travel is so different.

It is essential to know the overarching main risks to travelers.

  • Vehicular incident
  • Violent attack
  • Criminal 
  • Health issues and disease
  • Beach related incidents
  • Fire – nightclubs/accommodations, etc
  • Travel at sea

These risks are common to both male and female solo travelers. So what risks are females more prone to?  I feel two risks that female travelers have more chance of falling victim to verses male counterpart are;

  • Violence (Includes sexual attack)
  • Criminal

Why Criminal?

Very simple, a majority of criminals might focus and try on perceived ‘EASY’ targets. It is commonly assumed that women might not try and fight back and or will be less able to protect themselves. Women also become easy targets for a large number of women carry handbags and purses which are much more accessible to criminals.

Why Violence?

A majority of violent attacks by men against women is often related to sexual. Some motivations for these attacks stem from personal grievances, social disorders, issues of control. Sadly, motivations can also be purely deviant, opportunistic in nature. Also, it is essential for one’s safety to remove these perceived ‘chances’ for criminals.

There are always going to be an exception to the rules, but now we have found two main topics that might put a female solo traveler at higher risk, let me explain the efforts on eliminating these increases threats.

Why Increases Risk For Solo Female Travelers?

If an attacker or a criminal is going to perpetrate, they might likely try to get a target that is alone without backup. Criminals are predators by nature and will focus on attention normally on ‘easy targets’. Sexual predators might target on women they consider will not have anyone immediately ‘Missing them’ or checking in on them.

Lessen The Risk

To identify the main risks for female travelers and to know these specific risks during solo female travel, then we can minimize and adapt the chances of encountering these threats. This is the underlying principle of travel safety. Try to know the danger or threat early and make it accordingly and educate ourselves before we step out for an adventure.

The Many Benefits Of Traveling Solo

If you are like me who dream to take a cruise solo, then you are not alone! These top reasons I have mentioned below will keep you going!

Booking A Cruise

Like any holiday you must ask yourself what alludes to you. Do you want something where you can relax and that is informal and has lots of entertainment to provide etc?  If you are hiring a local travel agent then they must be able to pick the cruise line and ship that is just for you. You can also do some basic research on the web, where you get minefield of details, whether you search for the cruise line own page or a community like as Inside cruise where people get a chance to post their reviews.

Get Ready To Answer The Silliest Questions

Yes, people might keep asking you why are you traveling alone? So be prepared to answer such silliest questions. This can put you in a steady and good caught off – guard or being bothered by the question.

Using The Instinct

Women are more emotional and sensitive than men, this means they have a strong instinct and gut feeling. If you think you are unsafe, you are probably right and must move away. Also, you might get weird vibes from some chap In the pub.  If you think it’s unsafe and your alarm bells in your head, then you must get out immediately of the potential danger.

The First Solo Trip

If this is your first solo trip why not pre – plan it before you run errands. You can also ask help from travel companies crafted for solo female travelers. There will be someone to pick you from the airport and rest you in the hotel and then pick you for the tours. Some companies also put groups of single women on the same tour so you can have a great company.

Don’t Accept Lifts And Common Rooms

This is very common advice that all solo female traveler offers. Don’t follow strangers out – of – the – way places or accept accommodation or lifts from women or men who you don’t know.

No Flashy Jewelry

Yes, this means a lot, wearing costly jewelry or expensive clothes In the public will make others to keep an eye on you. You will be limelight for robbers if you flash your BLING!

Learn The Emergency Number

Before heading to a country or a city, try to learn its emergency number and remember to keep your mobile phone charged.

The So – Called Culture

There are some cultures who believe women should not travel alone, so make your answers ready to answer them! Tell your friends and family about the plan. If you are worried about your lack of self – confidence, why not take a basic class before your trip from me? This will give you that confidence!

Finally, don’t be scared. If you have chosen to go solo by your own plans and decisions, then you probably a very confident person. Being alone is always fun. Ignore what your friends say about rapists and serial killers. Don’t let them put you off as they think it’s very crucial. Couples can come into troubles as just as single people traveling. Use your common sense and play it safe. You will have a complete blast doing what you wish and what you want!

Keep Exploring, Much Love, xx

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