Seychelles is a land made in heaven as it is a wonderful destination in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago of the Seychelles is a naturally rich and divine where each island has its own beauty. As I step on the land of Seychelles I felt carried away by the serene beauty of the islands and the ocean. And I knew I made the right decision to choose Seychelles as my next stop for leisure travel.

Be it flora and fauna, luxurious city vibe and the stunning places such as Mahe, Praslin and Aldabra are all like some magical sites. Here one can find the mountains overlooking the ocean water. The beaches are fine and smooth with dazzling sands. And the best part is Seychelles is full of amazing people and vibrant culture.

Awesome Places To Visit

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I always had this plan to enjoy all the famous places in Seychelles and that took me to the two most popular places- Mahe and Praslin. The 28 Km wide island, Mahe is the largest of the two and has some of the luxurious places to stay and eat. This place has the largest population. The next comes Praslin which is another hot favourite among tourists and I experienced some of the terrific moments there.

Cuisines To Die For

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Well, as I am a frequent traveler I always make sure that the destination chosen is a nice place to pamper my tastebuds. Seychelles did not disappoint my expectations at all. The Seychellois cuisines are all about seafood and fishes comprise the major portion of the cuisine. But being a vegetarian, I opted for all the fresh vegetarian dishes which were absolutely delicious. Some of the popular dishes if you visit Seychelles are Ladob, a great dessert made with banana and sweet potato, breadfruit chips and spicy vegetable side dishes to go with rice. Also one can find fine dining restaurants in Mahe and Praslin catering Italian, Indian, Chinese and French cuisines too.

Amusement And Recreation Loaded

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My travel journey becomes complete, if I involve myself in some recreation stuff. And Seychelles is a superb place to go for water sports and other recreations. Here anyone can try game fishing, snorkeling, cycling, scuba diving, horse riding, golf, mountain hikes, windsurfing and paragliding. Both Mahe and Praslin offer various options to enjoy your leisure time. In other words there is something for everyone.

Picturesque Surrounding

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The tranquil ocean water, the pristine beaches, the mountains and the nature’s aura are sure to surprise in every moment. You will feel in a world away from the usual surrounding. There is really something in Seychelles that attracts people and make them return again.

Destination For All

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Although Seychelles is a destination known and famous for luxurious honeymoon spot, still it is a place that is frequently visited by group travellers, couples and even solo travellers, it is a safe country and is a great place, if you need a perfect time amidst nature.

Luxury And Exoticism Filled

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Seychelles 12Seychelles is a widely famous destination for luxurious resorts, spas and restaurants. It is filled with villas, beach cottages and resort that are specifically designed to pamper your lifestyle in the most elegant way. From 5 star resorts to shining restaurants, bars and pubs, Seychelles is all set to rock your journey.

Memories Made

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Nothing I say is enough about Seychelles. It is a place that stole my heart and found a special place inside. The memories will always remain alive in me as Seychelles offered me a lot beyond my expectations. All I can say is that I had the most thrilling and lovable experience ever in my travelling life so far.

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This archipelago is a part of Africa and is located off the coast. The best time to visit is all the year round. But still tourists preferred March to May and September to November.

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