Marketing tactics that are not involved with internet strategies and has been from a long time in the scene is termed as traditional marketing. This benefits many small business owners as well as large companies too. This involves publicity, sales, merchandising and distribution. Crazy Wanderer helps to build traditional marketing campaigns that deal with any sort of business.


People love to see. Visual display, thus works greatly while working on creating brand exposure. We create high quality printed catalogues and brochures that becomes the talk of your brand. From special coupons to brand cards and other associate print works such as sales sheet and pitch decks, we survey and learn the market condition prior to making key decisions.


With the help of research work and analysis of ROI we make sure that our clients get larger target audience and increased visibility. We at Crazy Wanderer execute the whole process systematically so as to meet the client’s demands. Marketing tools such as newsletters, billboards, TV advertisements or radio are widely used to fetch the right result for a brand or product.

Direct Mail

This form of direct marketing targets larger and potential customers and is executed on a particular geographic area. We create a list of customers based on client’s preference. The next step is to design and print, finally delivering them to their destination.

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