Depending on the type of industry and the target audience we design lucrative graphics that proudly hold your brand identity. Furthermore we give shapes to our client’s ideas since the client knows the product better. Our visual design techniques include page layout, visual arts, and typography. From editorial to corporate designs, we blend creativity with professionalism.

Digital Design

Our creative skills and strategy in the field of digital designs creates an outstanding digital presence of any brand. With the implementation of logo, illustrations, copy and other features Crazy Wanderer prepares a company to rule the online world. From online banners to digital sales material, we take care of everything.


In order to spread the word through print media we generate effective placement ideas. Print is not an old-school method. People still gets excited by print marketing as it seems more credible to many. We create sales sheets, catalogs, mailers, business cards and so on to ensure superior brand building.


The right packaging creates popularity and connects customers with the brand. When it comes to get a service or product a customer always looks for the brand authority that the packaging carries. We make sure to build the right packaging after considering the relevant aspects such as fonts, colour, typography and consistency.

Advertising Or Promotional Marketing

Every company needs to stand out and create a strong customer base with the help of advertising and promotional marketing. We make sure to research and propose appropriate promotional or advertising ideas so that a client can reach its desired goal.

Illustrations and Icons

The concept of promotion is well incorporated with the use of visuals that relate to brand extensions through digital and print mediums. Crazy Wanderer establishes distinct icons and illustrations that visually create a strong impression.

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