A company wins when customers are interested and talk frequently about it. This in turn makes a brand famous. And this is what Crazy Wanderer targets. We make sure that your brand becomes a popular name in the online world by creating impressive logos, gorgeous looking content, photography, videos and others. Precisely, we entertain your customers by building a dramatic solution for your company thereby increasing the brand awareness.


From choosing a suitable logo design to creating brand motto we get you intricate designs with lucrative fonts to make your brand identity stand out. Our proven methods to review market and in-depth discussions with clients fetching constant feedbacks help us to measure the type of requirement in the best possible way. This further enables us to conceptualize and finally apply it digitally.


Every brand requires a voice to market their products or services across the world. To increase the brand personality and spread the message of your business to your target audience copywriting is a special feature. From editing to delivering copy integrating the brand tone as an online or offline marketing strategy is on our priority list. Be it your digital ad content or website we make sure to apply the consistent tone of copywriting so that your brand authority improves.

Tone And Voice

This involves the knowledge on how your company communicates with customers and set a brand’s voice that is vital to understand internal personality and value proposition. The voice we prepare is then applied to every form of marketing materials.

Appealing Typography

The typography talks about your brand and represents the first impression of your company. Crazy Wanderer believes that a particular type of font can invoke emotions and perceptions among customers. Therefore making the right choice for typography is essential for both print and digital medium. Typography choosing is mostly about trial and error method. Thus we work alongside our clients incorporating their views and blend with our professionalism.


A Company communicates their personality and uniqueness to customers. Earlier it was just stock photos thus limited options for the company to represent their identity. Now creating a visual impression is crucial as it connects the personality of a brand to the target audience making professional corporate photography is immensely popular. From custom photo shoots to editing and placing them appropriately, Crazy Wanderer puts a constant effort into providing the clients with fantastic photography.

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