“The greatest gift of life is friendship and i have received it.” quoted Hubert H. Humphrey. There are no secret ingredients in the recipe of friendship. It is the bond that we make and survives through different stages of our life.

The secret behind friendship that last a lifetimeAs toddlers, friendship starts with “bow” and ends with a “katti”. Sharing of chocolate was the sign of being a best friend and saying no to show the answer meant the exact opposite. Sitting on the same bench of nursery school and talking so much that the teacher is forced to change the place is friendship. I never knew there was any reason behind friendship and i still think that friendship is the purest of relation.

The secret behind friendship that last a lifetimeGrowing up being an adolescent now, I have new BFFs now. They were the ones with whom I shared my homework and talked non-stop in the class and in the break. Being a teenager adds an all new story to it. The friendship now goes more deeper with nonstop chatting and extended calling. Gossiping becomes the latest trend. To be in fashion and talk about boys brings out the all new world of friendship.

Leaving the school as an adult and entering the grand world of new people is kind of frightening but if you have friends to tag along, there is no world beautiful than this. My parents advised me to stay cautious while making friends in college as all can never be trusted. They were certainly right as in college I went through many heart breaks to finally get to know my real BFFs.

Who knew that a conversation in canteen about the boring lecture would extend to a lifelong friendship. The true essence of friendship is the pure bond that binds the relationship together. It is true that there comes a time when you have to distance from your friends but never separate from them.

Always be there ready for your friends, no matter if you can be mentally or physically. This is a relation that will stick to you when you yourself try to distance yourself from the world.


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