The first thing any traveler freak does after getting the calendar of the New Year is checking out the long weekend dates for holidays and plan for the upcoming trips! 2016 seems to be an exciting year when it comes to traveling and there are lots of extended weekends planned perfectly for you! Here is your list of long weekend dates in India.

MARCH – 2016

So many holidays! March seems to be pretty amazing for planning a long vacation with your friends or solo trips.

March Date Day Holiday
7th Monday Mahashivratri
23th Wednesday Holika Dahan
24th Thursday Holi
25th Friday Good Friday
27th Sunday Easter Day


march madness


APRIL – 2016

Take a break on the 18th and go off to some beautiful  place or you can plan road trip in this long weekend! Seems pretty interesting, right?

April Date Day Holiday
13th Wednesday Vaisakhi
14th Thursday Ambedhkar Jayanti
15th Friday Ram Navami
19th Tuesday Mahavir Jayanti


april fool's day


MAY – 2016

As soon as summer starts, one’s heart craves for the mountains! So why not make a short trip to the nearest hill stations in the weekends this month?

May Date Day Holiday
1st Sunday Labour’s Day
21st Saturday Buddha Purnima


happy may day


JUNE – 2016

Oops, no long weekends this month!  But does it even matter? If you are bitten by the travel bug, you are sure to make way for some getaways!!


JULY – 2016

July has in store for you a pretty long holiday if you can manage the two days off after the first Sunday! A six days vacation and you can head to any part of the country. You can go to the places to enjoy first rain.

July Date Day Holiday
1st Friday Jumal ul Wida
6th Wednesday Id-ul-Fitr




AUGUST – 2016

When the Independence Day falls on a Monday, you ought to take a trip for sure. Why not add in the Tuesday by calling sick and make the weekend even more fun! Or maybe the Friday after Janmashtami can also be called off! Are you ready??

August Date Day Holiday
15th Monday Independence Day
25th Thursday Janmashtami





The thing we all want the most is a Monday holiday. In this month, you have two consecutive Mondays as holidays, could anything be more amazing than this? Get ready for two short getaways and your travel quota for this month would be done!

September Date Day Holiday
5th Monday Bakri Id
12th Monday Ganesh Chaturthi




OCTOBER – 2016

October can seriously be termed as the awesome month, firstly because it has a long list of holidays and secondly because the weather during this time is perfect to visit most places in India. Take a day or two off from your work and plan a long vacation!

October Date Day Holiday
2nd Sunday Gandhi Jayanti
11th Tuesday Dussehra
12th Wednesday Muharram
30th Sunday Diwali





Winter knocking at the door and monsoons bidding us farewell, November is really an amazing month to travel. Punch together the holidays of Diwali from last month with Bhai Dooj and celebrate your sibling time, up in the mountains or in the forests with family.

November Date Day Holiday
1st Tuesday Bhai Dooj
14th Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti





The month of December is already  interesting being the month filled with festivities. You can pave way to the perfect year ending by going on a trip! You can plan biggest music festival “Sunburn” at goa too.

December Date Day Holiday
23rd Tuesday Id-e-Milad
25th Sunday Christas



Come on, Let’s plan your trip.

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