Why you should date a rider, It is popularly believed that riders are actually pretty good in relationships. So, ladies, if you like to travel a lot, then why to waste time in sitting at the café or bar. Here are few tempting reasons which will tell you why you should date a rider, Why you should date a rider:

Why you should date a rider

1. Riders have a great sense of adventure

So if you love to travel you will never get bored with them. They are always up for a trip, whether it is a quick ride to a nearby location or a weekend trip to a hill station. Moreover, with them, you need not have to worry about the expensive plane tickets. They are the best story tellers as they have ridden across the length and breadth of the country.

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2. They can ride off in any direction at any time

They can ride off in any direction at any time. Anytime, if he is upset about something, they will not spill it over work or home. A quick ride will make them more sorted than he was earlier.

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3. They are good problem solver

A guy who knew how to fix a punctured tube or a broken gearbox will surely be able to sort out a lot of problems of his and your life. So you can easily rely on him when you are in any sort of problem and he will fix it.

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4. They always look on the bright side of things

The riders enjoy and love to capture the small moments they came across. They love to watch and enjoy the sunset behind the mountains and a fog at dawn. Moments like these are what bikers live for. Riding on the twisted roads or long straight highways gives them immense happiness. The curves on the road teach him how volatile life can be. So you can forget about constant complaints because they always look on the bright side of things.

Image Credit- Devesh Joshi (footloosedev.com)

5. They are adaptable

Sometimes it happens that you already have a plan with them but something urgent came up and you have to cancel it. In that case, you don’t have to worry as they are adaptable. They will just go for a date with their first love that is a ride.

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6. They are extremely romantic

Riders are extremely romantic. You can imagine a guy showing up for miles to your front door with a rose in one hand and a helmet in another is freaking awesome.

Image Credit- Sachendra Pal (The Crazy Rider)

7. They are keen observer

Riders’ lives always depend on the watching all around them and observing each and everything. So if something is wrong with you and you didn’t mention it to him it will still be noticed by him.

Image Credit- Rohan Balid (Journey Of a Heartbreaker)

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