Navratri, a nine-day long dance festival has its own craze in India. This festival represents the nine the manifestations of one the most powerful Indian Goddesses i.e Goddess Durga. Navratri is basically celebrated in every part of the country in various versions and forms, but the way this festival is celebrated in Gujarat it has the charm of its own.

In Gujarat, Navratri is celebrated in the form of “Garba” which is a traditional dance form performed for nine long days for the ultimate Goddess Amba. Today Garba is not only performed just in Gujarat but it is also performed in various parts of the world such as USA, Canada, and Australia.

Although there are many places in Gujarat where you can have the pleasure of doing “ Garba”, but if you want to have the best experience of these 9 nights, then no place can be better than United Way Of Baroda.

Basically, United Way Of Baroda is a non-profiting organization and it supports various local communities and NGO’s for improving the lives of less privileged people in and around Gujarat.

But since a long time United Way Of Baroda has achieved a notable amount of fame not only in Gujarat but in around the world for organizing the best Garba gatherings in the world. Not just the locals but people from various parts of the world are crazy for the Garba organized by United Way Of Baroda and eagerly wait every year to take part in it.

So a question may definitely arise in your mind that after all why are people so crazy about Garba gathering organized by United Way Of Baroda? And What makes it so special? Here’s the answer to all your question.

1. Atul Purohit & Rutambhara Group – A Timeless Classical Singing Group

Shri Atul Purohit is today one of the most famous Gujarati Folk singer and his songs “ Tara Vina Shyam” and “Valam Ni Vaat Kai” are majorly loved by people today. He and his group have been spreading the magic of their ultimate singing performance at the United Way Of Baroda for the last 18 years and they have been attracting the largest gathering at their venue during the Navratri. Undoubtedly it can be said that Shri Atul Purohit and his sensational music group plays a vital role in the Garba organized by United Way Of Baroda.


2. Mind Blowing Garba Ground Themes

The United Way Of Baroda is also well known for the way they decorate their Garba ground. Every year the organizers pick up some really amazing decoration themes which incredibly enhances the beauty of the ground. This year they have the lamp theme, in which beautiful and colorful light lamps are hung everywhere around the Garba ground.


3. Ambience

United Way Of Baroda is always earned fame for the amazing ambiance created by them during the Garba event. In Baroda, you will not find any United Way Of Baroda creates. The ambiance of Garba by United Way Of Baroda sets a perfect grooving mood for Garba lovers and this is why more and more people attend  Garba gathering of United Way Of Baroda.


4. Food

Now after draining so much of energy by playing Garba for hours your tummy would definitely feel hungry and urge you to refill your energy by having some yummy food. The United Way Of Baroda has taken care of this factor also. You will find a huge amount of food stall-lined up with some yummy food sold in them.So if you feel hungry after spinning some rounds of Garba you can go in their food courts and fill your tummy with your favorite food.


5. Security

Every year at United Way Of Baroda the number of Garba participants keeps on increasing. Now with this increasing crowd comes the major responsibility of security and management. The United Way Of Baroda has been doing this task perfectly and up till now, there have been no negative reports about their security and crowd management. No matter how large the crowd is they manage it so well that no inconvenience has been either experienced by the participants and the viewers.


6. Prizes

Though they charge a huge sum of money on passes every year, but they also tend to return the favor back to their participants in the form of amazing prizes. Everyday exciting prizes are given to participants who perform the best at that night. This is not it at the last night through lucky draw they present a mega prize randomly by the judges.This year’s mega prize includes the mesmerizing car Renault Duster. No other Garba event in Baroda presents such huge prizes as the United Way Of Baroda does and this is the reason why a huge number of crowd emerges at the venue of United Way Of Baroda.


7. Crazy Barodians

Gujaratis especially Barodians have always been crazy about the nine nights of Navratri. People of Baroda are so crazy about Garba that some people start preparing for it in way more advance. The United Way Of Baroda Garba is majorly behind this craziness of Barodians. The United Way of Baroda Garba is a sheer mixture of enthusiasm, joy and devotion. The devotional and rocking atmosphere created by them boosts the energy in the participants and urges them to rock the Garba floor. This is why even though The United Way Of Baroda has charges Rs 2750 for the passes of Male participants and  Rs.300 for female participants , some very high prices for the viewers pass but still people have bought them and are coming in huge numbers every day for playing Garba.


8. Traditional Dressing

Garba is a great combination of some feet moving music, amazing dance steps, and eye-catching traditional wear. The garb venues in Baroda are always filled with men and women wearing some amazing range of traditional wears. The United Way Of Baroda catches the eyes in this case. At United Way Of Baroda, you will find participants dressed in such types of traditional wear which you might not see at any other venue in Baroda. The United Way Of Baroda has always been known for having participants with unique and eye catching traditional dressing. A huge number of crowd gathers at the United Way Of Garba just to see the dressing styles of the Garba participants.
So if you want to see the true colors of Navratri in Gujarat then you must definitely visit the Garba organized by United Way Of Baroda in the Sanskari Nagri Vadodara.


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