People used to ask me who is your favorite person, I always say to them, that I’m my favorite. When I’m saying I’m my favorite, I mean it. Following are the reasons why I am favorite person of mine.

1. I always keep myself on number 1 priority.

That’s the reason I do yoga, gym and take care of diet time to time.


2. Never say no without trying something new at least once.

Learning new things is like expanding the new horizons, and every day I keep on learning new, and with that confidence, I say “No” to people when they ask for something I don’t know, then I start doing my homework regarding it, and solve it. Doing so, I will learn something new, which can help me in future in solving different problems.


3. I will get over from any problem- big or small.

Problem-solving is a challenge to me, and there is no problem like big. It’s our perspective of viewing the problem. I break down the problem part by part and start solving it. And not complaining about it.


4. Taking some “Me” time is absolute must.

Headspace is very much important to me, Every person should have it, but hardly makes the time for themselves. That’s the reason I used to go for long drives now and then to get free headspace and thinking time. Even solo travel also helps me realize the things which I’m missing.


5. I love to take risks.

Risk toh Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai … main toh phir bhi entrepreneur hu. If we are not taking risks, then we are actually taking risks everything. That growth of a person lies outside the comfort zones. That’s where a person has to take the risks. By taking the risk I will learn new, and explore inner talents in me. Even my first trip to Rishikesh is a risky one but I did it, and I found a new version of me after doing it.


6. Lifestyle barriers don’t matter to me as I know how to connect emotionally.

I don’t see people who are rich or poor, I just see them as humans, and connect with them with love, respect, and caring. I have an unlimited love that god has given, so giving all the love to my children, family, and friends. Everyone is from different backgrounds, places, even different cultures, still, we are all equal.


7. There is nothing wrong with being a strong, bold & independent.

It’s actually very good to be strong, bold and independent. No more hiding the feelings and time waste. I like to say what to say frankly on the face. To be frank most of the people like the people who are, frankly speaking, bold.

Coming to the independent nature, I take my own decisions, I never ask my husband regarding the household, dresses, even technical things. I do my own homework and plan things accordingly.  Trust matters a lot when it comes to independent decision makings, thanks to my hubby for trusting me this much.


8. I love to be myself, No pretends, No showoff

I always like to be myself, irrespective of situations. Pankti will be pankti always. Happy wala..


9. My attitude defines me more than my outfit.

True beauty and nature of a person are defined by attitude. How a person talks, treats other people and thinks about the other wellbeings. I would like to donate and help others a lot, and that’s the attitude towards life showed me amazing people meetings, good blessings.


10. I believe in my dreams.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of the good things and no good things ever dies.
Where there is a hope, then dreams comes alive, and start working towards achieving it.
I always believe in my dreams, and I think about them every day.


11. I have a clear vision in my life.

Without vision in life, there is no meaning of living, and it’s like the meaning of this life, in spirituality, we say it’s as the destiny of life. Clear visions makes me a proper planning of what to be done in life, what is necessary and what is not. That’s the reason I stick to my plans always.


12. My sense of humor- Oh my god, Koi bhi fan ho jaye!!


13. I speak from my heart, even nobody listening to me.

I always speak from the heart, and no hiding nothing. That’s why you always see me in talking frankly and daring. People love to talk with me and become my fandom because of this too. I talk caring and respect. That makes the other person feels good. Between, every person I met in my travel journey is still in touch with me in some medium or other. Even some foreigners stayed at my home for sometime, and even my cook can take care of them very well when I was away for some travel. Share the love, spread the love.


14. Love to face challenges and never felt defeated.

In the travel to new places, It’s entire new place, new people, food, and also culture. Each state of India is very different, and some parts of the place don’t even speak Hindi. The travel makes me very strong, confident to face any changes that lie ahead.

Travelling gives me hope that I can solve it anyhow, how bad it is as well. I’m blessed with good friends, family, that’s another hope to solve any difficult in life.


15. Sleeping is my all time favorite thing more than anything.

I used to sleep 7 to 8 hours everyday, never compromise with my sleeping times. When I don’t sleep technically, it’s called yoga nidra, Means. Deep sleep. One hour of yoga nidra is equaled to the 4-5 hours of normal sleep. When I stuck at some hard problems, then I divert my sub-conscious mind to solve it. Once I wake up, the solution for the problem is front of me.

Apart from that, a good sleep is very much needed for good health, so that body can have enough time to repair and purify etc..


16. Always stand true to my beliefs and values.

Irrespective of the situations, I always stand to my beliefs and values. Even though how hard people tried to convince me to do the things I don’t like, I just said to them, I don’t like it and stick with my values.


17. I am on a World travel mission.

I just started my travel journey from 18 months, and I have learned a lot than previous years. Travelling taught me a lot which I couldn’t able to learn and explore. I’m on a travel mission to travel all over the world and explore the new culture, foods and all.

The journey ahead is very adventurous, challenging, and fun. I can’t wait to explore all.

Soon my room will be filled up with photos of traveling from all over the world.


18. I can make smile to anyone.

Travelling taught me a lot, and I can understand a person, feelings very easily. I can make the other person smile, understand very easily.

There are some situations in my travel journey, I met with so many people and they are still looking for the next meet with me. Because talking, spending time with me makes them happy :)


19. My happiness is in my hands.

I believe in karma a lot, the more good deeds, the better you receive from the universe. I always am happy and do the things which make me happy. I stick with the people who makes me happy, and by that, I can make other people happy too.

Technically, it’s in our hands what to take inputs from the surroundings, to take happy news or sad news. So stick with the happy things, and that makes your life very happy. Good for health.


20. I keep on learning new things every day, so I keep on adding.

It’s never ending process, I keep on exploring new things when I travel and in the journey of life. So I keep on adding new stuff.



Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.

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