Newly married couples who are planning for their honeymoon destinations always go for sea beaches as their first preference. But do you know that even many mountain countries have the perfect honeymoon setting? Let’s change the old concept and see how Bhutan is a very beautiful place for your honeymoon.

The Happy Country

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Let’s face it, we are not happy creature anymore living in this boring system of urban life. So how about you get to live in a place for a few days and meet happy faces around you? Maybe you will learn to unwind yourself. And what’s more interesting than your honeymoon time to feel happy and joy? Bhutan is a country that has long been maintaining a healthy Gross National Happiness. Especially the Buddhist culture enhanced the peace and non-violence aspects among the people.

Privacy For Lovers

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No rush, no hustle-bustle, no malls- you get the idea right? Yes, Bhutan is a quiet land for lovers. It means just you and your partner at the quietude of monasteries, ancient fortresses, mountain trails, nature’s bountiful beauty and sweetness that surrounds the atmosphere. A honeymoon in Bhutan will surprise you at every moment.

Love In The Nature

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The exquisite beauty of the lofty Himalayan Mountains and the allure of the greenery as well as the streams, old world charm and the serene spirituality lingering in the place have the ideal setup for a honeymoon couple. The morning starts with cosy warmth of the picturesque valley scene and the evening ends with the kiss of the forest charm. Do you really think you can miss them?

Pleasant Weather

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Bhutan is a summer vacation spot. But the winter snow also attracts many. It depends on what you and your partner prefer. No matter when you travel, Bhutan has a nice and soothing weather. Honeymoon is all about warmth and cosy feeling sharing intimate moments with your loved ones. You can experience a wonderful time in Bhutan anytime.

Honeymoon Calls For Luxury

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Being one of the luxurious holiday destinations, Bhutan is a great choice if you want to tuck in moments of luxurious living and eating during your honeymoon. From boutique resorts to five star hotels and even budget places, Bhutan has a wide range of luxurious accommodation facilities. Some of the famous hotels are Le Meridien in Paro and Thimphu, Terma Linca Resort and Spa in Thimphu, Naksel Boutique Hotel and Spa, Taj Tashi in Thimphu, Khamsum Inn in Thimphu.

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