Nature has a unique way of attracting us in its lap. The wild side of our Mother Earth is spectacular as much as it is mysterious. Ever imagined that even you have a wild part buried deep inside you? Well, I didn’t until I took this plunge of faith and dragged myself entirely for an offbeat nature’s track- Ranthambore.

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Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is a stunningly beautiful place renowned as the ‘home of tigers’. And to add thrill to the charm of the forest, The Ranthambore Forest Resort stands as a one-of-a-kind magnificence.

During my visit to this national park, I had the pleasure to stay in the mystical resort. And it will only be injustice if I do not share my indescribable experience there.

The Aura Of The Resort

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Ranthambore Forest Resort is nestled inside the national park and is a heritage property surrounded by green life and rocky hilly region. The moment I entered the forest arena I was spellbound by the aura of the virgin forest. And the very existence of the resort is not just exhilarating, but also placid. One would surely fall for this gem of a resort.

Wild Warmth Of Sophisticated Accommodation

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There are two different varieties of accommodation type- the Deluxe Cottages and the Super Deluxe Cottages. Upon entering my Super Deluxe cottage by the poolside, I had to look twice to take in the surrounding and ambiance of the resort’s guest room. Where luxury meets comfort- you get the idea, right?

The room was equipped with all modern amenities such as LED TV, Mini Fridge, plush decor, Wardrobe, Intercom facility, Double bed, Study Desk, Tea/coffee maker, Hairdryer and Iron (if you need). Moreover, the entire feel of the room was emitting the vibe of warmth, coziness added to the fragrance of distinctive desolate world. And guess what? At the middle of the night, you might hear the sound of a leopard’s rumbling!

Flavors And Aroma That Lingers

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Ranthambhore Forest Resort 6

My morning started with the freshly cooked breakfast by the poolside restaurant that overlooks the scenic views of the forest. The dining room is simple, yet elegantly decorated and serves exotic meals, both traditional and contemporary. The most pleasing and romantic time was when I had the sumptuous dinner on the terrace, the BBQ was just perfect under the starry night sky. The chefs were fabulous and prepared the tastiest dishes I have ever tasted.

Relaxation At Its Best

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Ranthambhore Forest Resort 5

Although I spent most of my time outdoors exploring the nearby forest area, I still enjoyed few recreational activities. Speaking of recreation, this resort boasts varieties of outdoor and indoor games such as cricket, badminton, chess, ludo and more. Even if you are not into such activities, you can just sit back outside in the garden and let yourself wrap the serenity.

De-stressing, So Luxuriously Soothing

Pampering myself is a part of my vacation. And Ranthambore Forest Resort has the perfect setup for an immensely rejuvenating spa experience. The Vaidik Spa is the zone to love yourself and de-stress through holistic therapy and using nature extract wellness products. Salon Journey is the beauty treatment facility wherein one can indulge in the lavish beauty therapies. Just a spa session left me completely refreshed and renewed.


Enthralling Spirit Of Campfire

What’s a forest getaway without a campfire? The Ranthambore Forest Resort has all the desirable qualities for a campfire evening. Needless to say, I had the most fulfilling time there. The firelight casting a mysterious glow around had a strange beauty of its own.


A Time For Entertainment

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Rajasthan is a culturally enriched state. And Ranthambore Forest Resort’s traditional music and dance was the exact picture of the delightful culture. I felt myself to be a part of that culture and for the time being got submerged in the musical enchantment.


Lift Your Mood Through Yoga Therapy

There’s a special yoga therapy session in the resort that lasts from 45mins to 1 hour as per requirements of the guests. This yoga session is an on-demand service based on guests requests. But yes, you cannot say no to the mesmerizing environment around that calls you for yoga.


Rocking Time Into The Wild
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Ranthambhore Forest Resort 11

Nothing is interesting than a jungle safari in Ranthambore. My experience was that of a lifetime. I was lucky to have seen the majestic tiger, gracefully strolling through the forest. Other than this, I spotted few ruins of ancient monuments and temples. The jungle safari is organized by the resort where jeeps or canters are used to take the guests deep inside the forest trail.


When To Visit

Except for the breeding season during the monsoon months when the jungle remains closed, you can visit anytime between October to June.


Nearby Places Of Interest

More than anything, Ranthambore is not just wildlife and forest, you can spend leisure time visiting the Ranthambore Fort, Bird watching places, Chambal safari for boating or to see the crocodile sanctuary.

I cannot wind-up without saying that not just I enjoyed myself, but that I learned a lot about forest, animals, history, culture, and heritage. All these made my journey exceptionally memorable- a change that revived my life.

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