The pioneer hub of every revolution, West Bengal has been the house to many new sparking ideas ever originated in India. The influence of foreign culture and fusion of those ideas with the localities culture has given rise to our modern West Bengal. West Bengal Tourism is some of the most affordable tourist pack ever available to anyone. Let’s explore places to visit in West Bengal.

Places to Visit In West Bengal

1. Kanchenjunga Mountain In West Bengal

One of the scenic mountain ranges of Himalayas, it is located at Darjeeling. It is a must go place for mountain and nature lovers in general.

2. Belur Math Shrine In West Bengal

Known for the works of Swami Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekanand this place a great spot for exploring about the spiritual movements that took place in modern India.

3. Eden Garden In West Bengal

Eden Garden

The heart of every cricket beats for this lovely cricket stadium at the center of Kolkata. It has seen many world class international matches and is a stadium worth watching.

4. Dakshineswar Kali Temple In West Bengal

Lying on the banks of River Hooghly of Kolkata, this temple is ever crowded with Goddess Kali’s devotees. The place is a good for rejuvenating yourself.

There is no shortage of west Bengal tourist places and there is something for everyone.

1. Mother House In West Bengal

The house of Mother Teresa who is known worldwide to have served her whole life to poor and needy.Located at Kolkata, the place has preserved the working area of Mother Teresa along with other documents that describe her work.

2. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park In West Bengal

This zoo in Darjeeling was established to safeguard the species of Eastern Himalayan. It provides a home to some of the endemic animal.

3. Japanese Peace Pagoda In West Bengal

This beautiful Buddhist temple in Darjeeling is a perfect example of simplicity and architectural marvel.

4. Birla Temple In West Bengal

Birla Temple

 Another temple from Kolkata, it is marble marvel which makes your senses return back to simplicity.

There are many historical places in West Bengal which bring a lot of tourism in West Bengal

1. Victoria Memorial In West Bengal

Victoria Memorial

Housing the memories of the British crown in Kolkata, Victoria Memorial offers the view of artefacts and items from the times of British empires.

2. Howrah Bridge In West Bengal

Connecting Howrah with Kolkata, this is the first modern bridge ever constructed in India.

3. Indian Museum In West Bengal

Indian Museum is home to some of the unique and rarest artefacts. Located at Kolkata you will get a chance to explore unrevealed part of the history.

West Bengal tourist spot have one thing in the specialty that they are somehow ever occupied with people. This shows the nature and appeal of West Bengal tourism places. Some of the other West Bengal destinations are:

  • Indian Museum, Kolkata
  • Science City, Kolkata
  • New Market, Kolkata
  • Tea plantation, Darjeeling
  • Tiger Hills, Darjeeling

West Bengal FoodWest Bengal food

It will be a complete injustice if an article on West Bengal does not describe the food of West Bengal. Bengal is famous for its sweet like Rasagula, Rasmali, Sandesh, etc. Other than that it is also famous for river and seafood like fish and prawns.
The places to visit in West Bengal are tremendous. The time to spent in west Bengal is less. Therefore, it is essential that you make a proper plan so that you get to enjoy the most of your trip to West Bengal.

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