Uttar Pradesh is such a place where visiting a monument gets you a life experience worth cherishing. The tourism in Uttar Pradesh is blooming with destinations that fill your memory with bursting imagery of joy and adventure. There are many places to visit in Uttar Pradesh. Here are some of the Uttar Pradesh destinations:

Places To Visit In Uttar Pradesh

1. Taj Mahal In Uttar Pradesh:

Taj mahal

It is located in Agra. Also seen as the symbol of “love and peace”, this monument in Agra was constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan in the remembrance of his wife Mumtaj. The building is surrounded with marvelous Mughal Garden works and stunning landscaping to go hand in hand with the wonder of the world.

2. Agra Fort In Uttar Pradesh:

Agra Fort

Located in the heart of Agra, it is considered as one of the marvels in forts. This fort is a part of world heritage site of UNESCO.

3. Ganga River In Uttar Pradesh:

The lifeline of millions of Indian, Ganga River is a sacred river of Hindus. The shores of the river are always buzzing with spiritual activities. The best place to experience the Ganga River is at Varanasi.

4. Elephant SOS In Uttar Pradesh:

Elephant SOS

If you enjoy social activities, then this place will surely make your day. This place is located in the outskirts of Agra where you get a chance to spend time with the elephants.

5. Prem Mandir In Uttar Pradesh

Prem Mandir

Located at the heart of Vrindavan, this pilgrim is always filled with Lord Krishna devotees. The temple is a treat to your eyes which also serves some of the famous food of Uttar Pradesh.

6. Tomb Of Ltimad-uh-Daulah In Uttar Pradesh:

Tomb of Itimad-uh-Daulah

Another marble marvel located in Agra, this tiny Taj is worth visiting. Usually not as crowded as Taj Mahal, you can see some detailed description of past and mystic mastery in craft and artistry of the building.

7. Banaras Ghats In Uttar Pradesh:

No tour to Varanasi is complete without visiting this mesmerizing Ghat, the Banaras Ghats. Filled with amazing color and bursting with many people, this place has to offer a great time to spend. You can even take a tour of River Ganga on a boat and enjoy the falling sunset.

8. Banke Bihari Temple In Uttar Pradesh:

Located at Vrindavan, it is most pious place on earth for Lord Krishna’s Devotees, this temple is ever crowded with devotees and the surrounding is filled with spirituality in chaos. It the best spiritual Uttar Pradesh destination.

Other Places To Visit In Uttar Pradesh:

Other places to visit

There are still many places which are considered under Uttar Pradesh tourism place:

  • ISKCON Vrindavan
  • Sarnath, Varanasi
  • Bara Imambara, Lucknow
  • Hazratganj, Lucknow
  • Panch Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri
  • Kashi Viswanath, Varanasi

Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh:

Famous food of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh food is famous all over the India. Ranging from pure veg food prepared on religion occasions like Puri Sabzi, Sivein, Khasta to non-veg items prepared on big ceremonies like Chicken and Mutton Kebabs, Biryani, etc.

Uttar Pradesh has a lot of potential as a tourist destination. The places are filled with numerous conserved ruins and monuments that it will surely leave you spellbound at the end of the journey.

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