Singapore is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia and is one of the popular tourist destinations to spend their holidays. There are many things to do in Singapore and many more places to visit in Singapore. Filled with parks, public attractions, museums, parks, and cultural based tour, this place will surely leave you with memories filled with happy times. Below are the popular places to visit in Singapore.

If you are imagining what to do in Singapore, then this guide will explore about where to go in Singapore.

Places To Visit In Singapore

1. Garden By The Bay In Singapore

Garden By The Bay In Singapore

The most important Singapore attraction, the garden is filled with many local attractions, statues, domes and many other recreational parks. It is an ideal place for friends and families who want to spend some time together. Garden By The Bay In Singapore is among the best places to visit in Singapore.

2. National Orchid Garden In Singapore

National Orchid Garden In Singapore

This orchid is home to some of the beautiful orchid species. The placement of orchid species in the park is very well planned.

3. Singapore Botanic Garden In Singapore

Singapore Botanic Garden In Singapore

Close to National Orchid Garden, this place is a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is spread over 72 hectares and there are many species to observe and take pleasure in the act.

4. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

Singapore point of attraction can be zoomed into this place. It has one of the exclusive tour programs that guides you through the different species of animal in the zoo. You can enjoy the food alongside animals also.

5. Marina Bay In Singapore

 Marina Bay In Singapore

Located in the bay this architectural marvel will just blow your mind with a spectacular view. It provides a good vantage point to get a look at the entire city. The shops, casino, and other recreational places make it one of the expensive Singapore tourist attractions.

6. Supertree Groove In Singapore

Located in the Garden by the Bay, this Singapore tourist spot is human made and it makes for a spectacular view during the night time.

 7. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple And Museum In Singapore

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple And Museum In Singapore

This attraction in Singapore is special as it a grand 4 storey temple with exclusive collections of varied gems and other relic collections. The monks and the chants create a serene environment.

8. Flower Dome In Singapore

Flower Dome In Singapore

Another major attraction in the Garden by the bay, here you get to see lots of flora and fauna. The place is well maintained and is best visited during Lunar New Year Celebration.

9. Changi Museum In Singapore

Changi Museum In Singapore

It showcases about the lives of localities during the world war when Japan annexed Singapore.

Other than these, there are many other interesting places to visit in Singapore. Few of them can be named as:

  • The Intan
  • Orchard Road
  • The Southern Ridges
  • Chinatown
  • Little India
  • Merlion Park

Food Of Singapore

Food Of Singapore

Singapore food is rich in seafood. The confluence of the variety of culture has given a unique taste to its food. Starting from local cuisine chicken rice and chilli crab to foreign foods like Aloo paratha and chow mein, it is truly a foodie delight.

Singapore is a dream come true for all kinds of traveller. Whether you love nature or you like taking photographs, Singapore has something for every type of travellers

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