Ratnapura is the key city in Sri Lanka in South-Western region. Ratnapura is also known as the City of Gems and lies near Sinharaja rain forest and Adam’s peak. Ratnapura is also tourist’s favorite as it stands to be a gateway to hilly regions from Southern plains. Places to visit in Ratnapura are plenty filled with scenic beauty and freshness. Tourist can pass through rubber plantations, paddy fields, and tea estates and enjoy a unique experience.

Places To Visit In Ratnapura

1. The Gem Museum In Ratnapura

The Gem Museum Ratnapura

The gem museum of Ratnapura presents an awe-inspiring collection of semi-precious and precious gems and stones which take into account Amethysts, Sapphires, and Rubies. The museum also holds rare and interesting pictures of tools, exhibited pictures, and other aspects which show the procedure and history of the industry. Opening time for the museum is between 8.30 am to 5.30 pm every day. The Gem Museum In Ratnapura is among the best places to visit in Ratnapura.

2. Adam’s Peak In Ratnapura

Adam’s peak


Also known as Sri Pada, Adam’s peak is a 2,243m mountain which is located in the central highland area of Sri Lanka. Sri Pada is considered as an important pilgrimage site for Sri Lankans. Buddhist believe that the footprint is the left footprint of Buddha, Hindus believe that it is the footprint of Lord Shiva and the Christians and Muslims believe that it’s the first step of Adam after being exiled from the garden.  

3. Sinharaja Forest Reserve In Ratnapura

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

With so many other Ratnapura places to visit, The Sinharaja forest reserve is considered an important one and is a biodiversity hotspot, national park in Sri Lanka. There are plenty of rain clouds by which the forest is shrouded by, which stands to be the main reason to balance water sources for southwestern Sri Lanka. The reserve forest can be reached only by foot where there are a number of freelance guides, and park guides available.

4. National Museum In Ratnapura

National Museum

The building of the national museum of Ratnapura is also called as “Ehelepola Walawwa”. There are plenty of interesting and historic exhibits in the museum which represents pre-historic, natural heritage, archaeologists, and zoological artifacts, anthropological and geological aspects. There is also a weapons display of the late Medieval era and old guns used during the First World War.

5. Katugas Falls In Ratnapura

Katugas Falls

The Katugas falls is 6m high falls located in the Ratnapura district from the road which leads to Colombo to Ratnapura near Weralupa junction. The falls are a quiet and pleasant area which seems to be crowded during holidays. There are also hotels near Katugas forest which tourists can opt to enjoy.

The place of Ratnapura has a year round of tropical climate with hot, moist temperature and hence tourists can visit the place at any time of interest. The other Ratnapura places to visit are Ratnapura are Diva Guhava, Bopath Ella Falls, Gommolli falls, Rajanawa falls, Maha Saman Devalaya, Kirindi Ella and many more places to visit. The city of Ratnapura is on the A4 highway, which links Colombo to Kalmunai. In the same way the A8 links Panadura which is located in the western coast of Sri Lanka.   

Hence tourists can plan their trip to Ratnapura and enjoy the scenic beauty and learn the traditional and history of Ratnapura.

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