Pavagadh is one of the most famous hill stations in the Western part of Gujarat and every day thousands of tourist pay their visit here with their friends and family. The Mahakali Temple here majorly draws the crowd, but other than that there are a large number of places which are just out of this world and a must visit one. So here are 6 Places To Visit In Pavagadh (Champaner).

Places To Visit In Pavagadh

1. Jami Masjid In Pavagadh

If you are in Pavagadh you cannot afford to miss out this place, as it is one of the finest mosques in the western India.

1. Jami Masjid In Pavagadh

2. Jain Temples In Pavagadh

These temples date way back to the 14th-15th century and have been a greater example of architecture and craftsmanship in India.

2. Jain Temples In Pavagadh

3. Kevada Mosque In Pavagadh

This mosque is worth giving a visit and the major reason behind this is that it is constructed amidst a lot of greenery and open spaces which is pretty much uncommon in Islam.

3. Kevada Mosque In Pavagadh

4. Lakulisa Temple In Pavagadh

This temple was constructed by Lakulisa who was the founder of Pashupata Shaivism which is one of the oldest Shaivite schools. Though today you will find only the ruins of this temple but still you will get a clear idea about the exquisite Hindu architectural techniques of that time.

4. Lakulisa Temple In Pavagadh

5. Fort Of Pavagadh

This fort lies on the top of the Pavagadh hill and caters a large number of Hindu and Jain temples. The cool breeze, with verdant locales and the fabulous architecture of these edifices, make this attraction very popular amongst tourists.

5. Fort Of Pavagadh

6. Nagina Masjid and Cenotaph In Pavagadh

This place as its name suggests is definitely a jewel because it is constructed using pure white marble. This mosque is a great architectural example and a must visit place if you are in Pavagadh. 

6. Nagina Masjid and Cenotaph In Pavagadh

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