Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is an eastern Indian state of the Bay of Bengal. This state is known for its tribal culture and ethnic beauty and has so many ancient Hindu temples. Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha and is home to several temples, especially the intricately- carved Mukteshvara. It is also called as the ‘Goa of the East’. Here are Places To Visit In Odisha.

Odisha has lush green vegetations and scenic nature and one will surely be mesmerized by its beauty. Mostly it is home to many tribal communities hidden from modern culture and living Adivasi lifestyle. Forests both inland and along the coast are home to beautiful natural reserves where you can see animals in their natural habitat. Foodies like me, always ready to try new dishes to make our taste buds go crazy are welcomed in Odisha kitchen.

Here, I have listed some things that you must do or visit while in Odisha:
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Places To Visit In Odisha

1. The Divine Konark Sun Temple In OdishaThe Divine Konark Sun Temple

This temple was built in the13thcentury and is known for its artistic architecture and intricate carvings. Someone who enjoys photography will excite history buffs with boasting of Kalinga architecture and erotic sculptures. This Konark Sun temple is dedicated to the Sun God. The divine konark sun temple is among the best places to visit in odisha.

2. Chatrabhaga Beach In Odisha

This beautiful beach is situated at a short distance from Konark Sun Temple. It witnesses the 7-day fair in honor of the Sun God and has its own religious importance. Many devotees from different part of the country come here to take a dip during this time. Take a walk and see the eye-soothing sunset with your family and friends.

3. Puri Jagannath Temple In Odisha

The state Odisha is famous for this Hindu temple around the country. This temple comes under four places for Hindu devotees and needs no further explanation. Also, the non-Hindu is not allowed to enter this temple, but its mere view will mesmerize your whole soul.

4. Famous Chilika Lake In Odisha

Famous Chilika Lake

This is another important place that comes under must-list to do in Odisha. This Chilika Lake is Brackish water lagoon and extends on an area of 1100 sq. km in Puri, Khurda, and Ganjam and is the largest coastal lagoon in India. Dolphins can be spotted if you are lucky.

5. Oriya Craft At Pipli In Odisha

If you are creative and like creativity in all forms, then this is the best place to explore the creative side of Oriya people. This Pipe market involves handmade embroidery and beautifully designed clothes covered with flowers and scenic beauty of Odisha. You can shop for wallets, Lampshades, Bags and Wall hangings.

6. Nandankan Zoological Park In Odisha

Nandankan Zoological Park

This park is spread over 400 hectares of land. If you are with kids, then this is the best place to visit and enjoy. This park is situated between Chandaka forest and has a lake called Kanjia and is home to 166 species of animals.

7. Time Pausing Ratnagiri In Odisha

This site is a Buddhist monastery and famed for the site of the Monastery. This place is situated Brahmani and Birupa river valley and was known for mediation and monastic life. This place is ruined a bit, but still, if you have historical interest, then Ratnagiri is a must visit a place. Time pausing ratnagiri is among the best places to visit in Odisha.

Few Other Places To Visit in Odisha Are:

  •         Dhauli Hill
  •         Ushakothi
  •         Darjeeling
  •         Parasurameswara Temple
  •         Mukteswar Temple
  •         Badaghagra Falls
  •         Khandadhar Falls
  •         Mahanadi Barrage
  •         Qadam-I-Rasool
  •         Hirakud Dam
  •         MurgaMahadev Waterfalls
  •         Gonasika
  •         Lingaraja Temple
  •         Stone Revetment of Cuttack
  •         Dhabaleswar Island
  •         Cattle Island
  •         HawaMahal

You can also visit Bhitar Kanika Wetland which is home to Crocodiles and can also witness the Tribal nature of Odisha.

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