Manipur, as they call it the “heaven for nature lovers” is also the abode of thousand mesmerising places and food destinations. Manipur holds a special place in India as well as in North Eastern mainlands in terms of Manipuri traditional food, Manipur culture. Let’s take quick travel peek into this famous North Eastern province. Below are the places to visit in Manipur.
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Places To Visit In Manipur

Being one of the heavenly places in India for its breath-taking surround and friendly fresh atmosphere, Manipur destinations have become quite popular for tourism. Some of the major places to visit in Manipur are:

1. Imphal In Manipur


The capital of Manipur is Imphal. It is situated at the focal point of the wonderful Manipur valley and is encompassed by fields and slopes. It mirrors the rich heritage of Manipur.

Some of the places to visit in Manipur Imphal include:

  •        Loktak Lake,
  •        Manipur Zoological Gardens,
  •        Sirohi National Park,
  •        Red Hill Lokpaching,
  •        Manipur State Museum,
  •        KhonghampatOrchidarium,
  •        Matai Garden, etc.

2. Bishnupur In Manipur


It is considered to be a heavenly land, Bishnupur, is a standout amongst the most frequented urban communities in Manipur for its rich tradition. The temples here mirror the rich culture of the land and its architectural magnificence. Bishnupur is among the best places to visit in Manipur.

Some of the temples that can be visited are:

  •        Sridhara Temple,
  •        Rasmancha,
  •        SusuniaPahar,
  •        PanchaRatana Temple,
  •        Jorebangla Temple,
  •        Shyamrai Temple,
  •        Dal Madol,
  •        RadhaShyam Temple,
  •        SiddheswarTemple,etc.

3. Chandel In Manipur

Chandel is one of the rare places in India that hold a rich reservoir of flora and fauna. It is also known as the “gateway to Myanmar”. Some of the sightseeing places are Yangoupokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary, Moreh, Tengnoupal, etc.

Local Cuisines Of ManipurLocal cuisines of Manipur

Manipur is not only filled with the sight of rich serene travel destinations, but also with the aroma of local delicacies as well as traditional shops for shopaholics. Some of the local food of Manipur that can actually twist your tongues are.

1. Singju Of Manipur

It is a salad made with spiced up veggies, sesame seeds. It is a healthy snack for any veggie lover. It is considered as one of the lip-smacking snacks of all Manipur food taken into consideration.

2. Chahou kheer Of Manipur

It is a sweet Manipuri traditional recipe that is made out of black rice, cardamom, nuts and sugar boiled in milk. It is a Manipur famous food in the sweet dish.

3. PakouraKhamen Of Manipur

It’s nothing but vegetables like spring onions made into dumpling like the shape and deep fried. It is one of the sophisticated Manipuri food recipes.

4. Tan And AluKangmet Of Manipur

Tan is basically puri which is made with equal portions of all-purpose flour and wheat flour kneaded with milk. And Alu Kang met is a side dish made out of frying mashed boiled potatoes in various spices. The combo rules over the heart of all the tourists trying out this local cuisine. It is considered a one of the famous food of Manipur

As one of the prominent states of North Eastern province, Manipur stands out for its awesome delicacies, Manipuri traditional dress, and outfits. The traditional dress of Manipur includesPhanekMayekNaiba, which is traditional hand weaved dress for ladies.

So give a visit to Manipur famous places and have some of their local cuisines and traditional hand weaved clothes as a memorandum.

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