Jaffna may just be the twelfth largest city of Sri Lanka but it certainly does not disappoint as a tourist attraction at all.  This is indeed a city with heart and apart from being visually very attractive, it is also rather affordable as well. Those who have been here, have found it rather easy on the pocket and that is exactly what makes this place so great for a family vacation. To help you along the way given here are some of the places to visit in Jaffna, which you can visit, in the course of your vacation.

Places To Visit In Jaffna

1. Jaffna Library

Jaffna LibraryPeople who have been here, have been thoroughly impressed with the wide range of books which are available here. People of Sri Lanka take education very seriously and it is for this reason that they take so much pride in the library. Even after being under attack and getting burned down, it is almost entirely restored. So this should be on the list of places to visit in Jaffna. Come here and you will not regret it.

2. Casuarina Beach in Jaffna

Casuarina BeachOf all the Jaffna tourist places, this one should be on the top of your list, because once you come here you can really let your hair down and enjoy the sun, sand and the sea. Located quite close to the town this place is very easy on the eye. A reason why tourists love coming here is because it is so quiet and calm. The water at the beach is not dirty or polluted but beautiful and blue.

3. Nallur Temple in Jaffna

Nallur TempleIf you are looking for things to do in Jaffna paying a visit to this temple is an absolute must. When you visit here you will surely make memories to last you a lifetime. The main reasons people come here is because of their religious considerations, however apart from this others too come here just for the experience.

4. Jaffna Fort

Visiting forts is always fun and this one too has much to offer to tourists that come here to pay a visit. Coming here will help you learn a lot about the history of Sri Lanka so do not forget to add it to your itinerary.

5. Nainatheevu in Jaffna

NainatheevuA reason why this location is so popular because it is from here that you can take boat rides with your family as well as friends. This boat ride will be a few hours long and it will allow you to enjoy the wonderful sea breeze.

6. Kandarodai Temple in Jaffna

Kandarodai TempleOf all the Jaffna places to visit, this is certainly one of the best. No matter what religious order you are a part of, the silence and peace of the temple is what attracts people to come here.

Once you come here you will have an array of changes often before you, finding accommodation in Jaffna is not challenging at all as well. When you come here you can relax and unwind properly before returning home, back to your hectic schedule once again.

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