Haryana has been named as the Abode of God as it is believed that if God visited the Earth, then he would surely do pay a visit in Haryana. Haryana tourist places are filled with lush green lands and vegetation. The historical places in Haryana are many as this place is all known for its faith and the religious serenity that it holds within itself. Haryana is full of historical information about India. Here are the places to visit in Haryana.

Places to visit in Haryana:

1. Gurgaon In Haryana

 Gurgaon is the leading center for business and commerce in India, and it is considered as the second largest city in the state of Haryana. Gurgaon is one of famous Haryana destinations.

Some of the main attractions in this place:

Sheesh Mahal

  • Kingdom of Dreams
  • Sheesh Mahal
  • Ambiance Mall
  • Farrukh Nagar Fort
  • Damdama Lake
  • CRPF shooting range, etc.

2. Kurukshetra In Haryana

Places to visit in Haryana includes this pilgrimage place of Kurukshetra. This place is well known as the famous battle of Mahabharata war took place in the era of 2800 BC.

Other main attractions in this city are

Brahma Sarovar

  • Brahma Sarovar
  • Bhishma Kund
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Birla Mandir,
  • Shri Krishna Museum,
  • Dharohar Haryana Museum, etc.

3. Panipat In Haryana

 The name Panipat arises from the Mahabharata times as this was the city introduced by the five Pandava brothers. Panipat witnessed three battles that have made history and recorded in the times till now.

Historic attractions in Panipat are:

  • Panipat Museum,
  • Old Fort,
  • Devi Temple, etc.

Haryana is also well known for its Haryanvi food. Not much spicy, not too bitter, the taste of these foods are just perfect to the tongue. Most of the agricultural products in India come from Haryana only.

Famous food of Haryana:

1. Kachri Ki Sabji

 A dish which is so easy to prepare, and it is a main food of Haryana. Just some chili powder, coriander leaves, mustard, cumin and handful of selected vegetables; this dish is ready within minutes. People of Haryana can’t resist to the taste of this dish which is heavenly and it can found on all occasions.

2. Bajra Aloo Roti

Bajra Aloo Roti

 Haryani can’t do without the Bajra Aloo Rotis as it has a lot of protein and essential vitamins in it. Garam Masala, Aloo, Coriander, onion, garlic paste, etc. are some of the ingredients used in the preparation of these rotis. These rotis are thick in size, and they are not too spicy.

3. Kachi Lassi

This is a different type of Lassi which is prepared using rose syrup, sugar, and milk. The taste is incredibly sweet and this kachi lassi is made mostly during Festivals of Haryana. This drink can make anyone want it more.

Haryana has the power to compel anyone to come to this place just to get mesmerised by the number of tourist spots that this place has for its visitors. Haryana is definitely an Ancient place in the history of times!

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