I would describe Sri Lanka as a Jewel shaped country that stands in the Indian Ocean. Colombo is the former capital of Sri Lanka and also the largest city which offers a number of festivals, historic moments, shopping, fine dining, beaches, events and lot more. There are numerous exciting places to visit in Colombo and things to do in Colombo to make your trip a complete enjoyable package.

Places To Visit In Colombo

1. National Museum in Colombo

National MuseumIf you have a keen desire for architecture, and a history lover then national museum must be the first place to visit. This is the biggest museum located in the island nation and was established in the year 1877. The museum has exhibits of many personalized and best collections of the famed Kandyan dynasty rulers.

2. Dehiwala Zoo in Colombo

Dehiwala ZooWhen discussing the tourist places in Colombo, the Dehiwala zoo or the National Zoological garden was one which was developed during 1936 in order to protect a wide range of birds and wild animals. Do not forget to watch the astonishing performances of chimpanzees, elephants and sea lions.

3. Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara In Colombo

Kelaniya Raja Maha ViharaThis is a significant place to see in Colombo, which is the Buddhist temple and people believed that Buddha preached here for nearly 2000 years. There an awesome carving of the reclining Buddha and this place is important for the annual Perahera during the month of January.

4. The Viharamahadevi Park in Colombo

The Viharamahadevi ParkOne of the Colombo attractions is the Viharamahadevi Park is located just nearby the national museum. The natural history museum and national art gallery are considered the largest park. They are famed for their water channels, flowering trees, and fountains. The other end of the park has a pristine white domed town hall.

How To Reach Colombo

Colombo is next to Sri Lanka’s international airport called Katunayake. There are regular buses from the airport, which leads to Colombo. Also, Colombo has a good network of public transportation, which are buses and trains. Three wheelers and taxis are also available in Colombo.

Best Time To Visit Colombo

Colombo has a fairly temperate climate throughout the year and hence traveling can be planned anytime during the year. Monsoon season where heavy rainfall occurs from October-January and may-august can be avoided.

Colombo places to visit can be exciting and enjoyable for tourists and would make their trip an exciting one.  

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