In a fast paced city like Bangalore, you can clearly expect your vacation to also be a fast paced adventure. From places to visit things to do, cuisines to explore and people to meet, Bangalore is the ideal holiday destination for those who enjoy being on the run. Of course, you will have the joy of relaxing at some of the most luxurious bars and cafés of the country in this spectacular city, but these are just considered as recharging spots for your body, mind and soul as you continue on your journey to exploring India’s fastest growing metropolitan city; here are places to visit in Bangalore.

Places To Visit In Bangalore

Wonderla Amusement Park; Paradise For All Ages In Bangalore

Wonderla Amusement Park; Paradise For All AgesOne of the first places to visit in Bangalore that comes to mind would be the Wonderla Amusement Park. Set in the country’s largest amusement park, Wonderla is a paradise not only for kids but for adults as well. From theme parks to wet and dry rides, scary rides, food stalls, souvenir shops, it is not much you can’t do in this 82-acre amusement park. Located just 26 km from the main city center of Bangalore, this paradise of joy rides is packed with over 50 rides for everyone to enjoy!

Bannerghatta National Park For The Nature Lover In You In Bangalore

Bannerghatta National Park For The Nature Lover In YouThere is a nature lover hiding in all of us. What better way to embrace it than to visit the most famous wildlife park in the city; Bannerghatta National Park. Located just 23 km away, the park is spread over the natural habitat of the animals making it not only an amazing adventure for animal lovers but also a great place for photography enthusiasts. From a children’s park, to an aquarium, a crocodile park, museum, butterfly park and a safari, Bannerghatta National Park is a must visit when in Bangalore.

Janapada Loka/ Folk Art Museum In Bangalore

Janapada Loka Folk Art MuseumJanapada Loka / Folk Art Museum squirms its way into the list of the top places to visit when in Bangalore simply due to its vast collection of tribal and folk art, puppets, weapons, masks and its constant state of equilibrium with the ancient folk culture mixed with Bangalore’s modern vibes.

The Dance Village In Bangalore

The Dance VillageA cultural and heritage spot, Nrityagram is a dance village established by a well-known Odissi dancer.  The main vision behind opening this ‘dance village’ was to have a place dedicated to Indian cultural dances and teach young students different forms of Indian traditional dances such as Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, etc.

Trekking And Sports In Bangalore

Trekking And SportsRamanagara Trek; most well-known for being the land of Sholay and Gabbar Singh, a very popular Indian movie which almost has its own cultural references by now, is a famous trekking, water rappelling and sports destination for adventure sports lovers.

Tadiandamol Peak In Bangalore

Tadiandamol PeakThe highest peak in Coorg, Tadiandamol Peak is a rich trekking site for those who simply want to get away from the humdrum of the everyday city life. Surrounded by calming mountains and peaks and the natural vegetation, this trek is most definitely one of the most therapeutic treks you will have taken in Bangalore.

While there are more than a mere handful of places to visit in this astounding city known as Bangalore, these are some of the must visits; proving themselves to be chicken soup for the mind and the body.

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