Anuradhapura is one of the major cities of Sri Lanka and irrespective of who you are or where your interests lie, this place has many hidden gems all around which are sure to capture your attention and to keep you entertained in the course of your vacation. This city is such a tourist destination because it is very safe and no tourists who have traveled here complain of feeling scared or afraid. Here are the best places to visit in Anuradhapura.

Places To Visit In Anuradhapura

1. Archaeological Museum In Anuradhapura

Archaeological Museum, Sri LankaThis is an old British colonial rule building which is open on most days of the week and is home to a number of different artifacts as well as carvings. There is so much to see here whether indoors or outdoors, which can keep you engrossed for a number of hours. So even if you are not a history lover this is one of the Anuradhapura historical places, which you should not miss out on at any rate.

2. Sri Maha Bodhi Temple In Anuradhapura

Sri Maha Bodhi TempleThis temple is very old but considerably well maintained. Even those who are not on religious pilgrimages, come here to admire the beauty and serenity of the place.

3. Twin Baths In Anuradhapura

Twin BathsOne of the greatest attractions of this city is the twin baths that are great examples of architectural brilliance in the ancient times and there are numerous legends and stories which surround these twin baths. These twin baths are popularly known as Kuttam Pokuna which literally translates to twin pools.

4. Isurumuniya Temple In Anuradhapura

Isurumuniya TempleTemples are always fun to pay visits too as it helps you learn about architecture and religion of the place. You need not plan a long visit to this temple. One or hour two is enough for you to learn many things. Those who have come here have not regretted their decision.

5. Isinbassagala In Anuradhapura

There are plenty of places to visit in Anuradhapura so you do not have to worry about feeling bored. This spot is one which is located in the midst of Mother nature.  Whether you are interested in going on a trek or planning a family picnic, this spot will suit every purpose which you have.

6. Kalu Diya Pokuna Natural Black Water Pond In Anuradhapura

Kalu Diya Pokuna Natural Black Water pondAdmiring water bodies has a charm of its own, so when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life do come down here for a nice pleasant time.

7. Wilpaththu National Park In Anuradhapura

Wilpaththu National ParkIf you are a lover of nature then this is one of the best things to do in Anuradhapura. This national Park is very large indeed and it is home to a number of animal species. This tourist spot is especially loved by children because they get a chance to see different kinds of plants and animals.

Whether you are traveling in a group of people or just alone, this destination has much to offer at very affordable prices as well. Finding accommodation in Anuradhapura at affordable prices is easy so do not think twice before coming here.

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